24 Hour AC repair

24 Hour AC repair: What Homeowners Need to Know

As homeowners in Texas, it is vital to have a list of 24 Hour AC repair contractors to help maintain your property. While you may take pleasure in doing as much as possible yourself, there will be times that you need help. Having a trusted electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and carpenter contractor available is very helpful. These service providers are helpful when you are adding a room, making repairs, or recovering from a serious storm event.

The season for severe weather and strong storms is upon us, so please take some time to prepare your home for storm events. Much of this preparation must be done by you. Here is a list of steps to help you prepare your home for the possibility of storm damage.

Consider an Insurance Rider

Of course, your home is covered, even in the event of a severe storm. However, it is a good idea to consult your insurance agent concerning a storm insurance rider to cover damage from high winds, fallen trees or limbs, and water damage. This added protection can cover the cost associated with limb or tree removal, repair costs, and replacement of home contents in the case of a severe storm.

Prepare Your Service Panel

During a storm event, you may need to interrupt power to all or portions of your home. Make sure that the circuits (or fuses) in your service panel are clearly marked. Identify the power shut-off breaker and those breakers that power both large appliances and your HVAC system. It may be advisable to shut the power off during heavy lightning or if the wind is causing intermittent power loss or surges. Anticipate stress and low ambient light in emergencies, so make sure the panel is well-marked.

Investigate Surge Protectors

Households often use small power-strip type surge protectors as multiple outlet extension cords and assume they are permanent surge protectors. Here are two important features that can help you make better decisions concerning surge protection.

Is a Whole-house Generator right for you?

While a generator would be advantageous to any home, individual situations might create a more pressing need. Home location, security needs, and the health needs of family members are a few considerations. Installing a generator is a big project, so consult with the electrical contractor on your list. They require a transfer switch, fuel storage (or connection to a gas utility line), and wiring to the service panel. Depending on your location, the generator may need to be installed on an elevated platform to avoid water damage.

Prep Your Yard to Avoid Needing 24 Hour AC repair

It doesn’t take much, but be mindful to:

Connect with an HVAC contractor before the storm season. Not only can technicians complete annual preventative maintenance checks, but existing customers draw better attention to both routine and emergency repairs.

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