3 Common Air Conditioning Repair Issues Resolved

Air Conditioning Repair Issues Homeowners Need to Know

Summertime heat has arrived and air conditioning has become a part of your daily routine; AC at home, in the car, at work, and in most places you shop. Waking up to or stepping into a hot house is such a surprise, and it leads to a little bit of panic.

Unless you have a background in HVAC repair, AC failure can carry the imagination to expensive repairs or AC replacement when minor repairs might fix the problem. Here are troubleshooting tips for the top three AC failures to help you determine how serious the problem is.

1 Nothing is Working

If the house is hot and no part of the AC is working, power has been shut off to the system. This can be caused by several possibilities, including:

A Tripped Circuit Breaker. The circuit breaker that sends power to the air conditioner might have tripped. A number of things might have caused the circuit to flip away from the ON position, preventing electricity from powering the equipment. Check this out:

The Thermostat Is On the Wrong Setting. The AC might not receive power because the thermostat is switched to the OFF or HEAT position. A thermostat is an interior switch that calls for AC when the temperature rises above a set threshold.

They come in several shapes and styles but can be found on an interior wall away from sunlight. If the thermostat is not calling for cool air, the AC will not come on. Check these things:

With a fresh battery, your AC might return to normal function. If the thermostat readout is still blank, replacing the thermostat might be the next step.

2 Check Some Switches

The System is Working, But The Air is Warm

If the blower is pushing air, but the air is warm, there is a problem with the cooling cycle. Check these areas first.

3 Restricted Airflow Indoors

Restricted Airflow Outdoors.

Refrigerant Gas Pressure. The refrigerant gas that makes the AC system work is contained in a closed-loop network under great pressure.

  1. Insufficient Cold Air

If the whole system is running, the air is cold, but the space is still hot, here are a few things to inspect.

Air Flow Restriction.

Air Flow Deflection. Perhaps the entire system is working correctly, producing plenty of cool air, but gaps might have formed in the ductwork, releasing all of the cool air into the walls or attic.

Since most of the ductwork system is in hard-to-reach or inaccessible places, you will need some help plugging the leaks. Give AirPro HVAC a call.

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3 Common Air Conditioning Repair Issues Resolved

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