4 Signs You Need to Hire a Commercial Electrician

4 Signs You Need to Hire a Commercial Electrician

We are surrounded by electricity all day long, almost every day. Even while we sleep, the ceiling fan and alarm clock are still functioning close by, so we hear the familiar hum of electricity even in our sleep.

Lights and noise coming at us from different directions, bombard our senses so much that it is hard to tell when things are not okay. When there is a power outage, even for a short period of time, we are keenly aware of the eerie silence.

Electricity is vitally important to your business, and you know the importance of making speedy repairs when electrical problems arise. You also know that professional commercial electricians should make the needed repairs when an electrical problem arises.

What you might not recognize are warning signs, telling you to seek help from a commercial electrician. Here are five indications of wiring problems distinguishable from the normal sensory overload.

Extended Flickering of Lights

Incandescent bulbs are designed to last about 1,000; they might flicker once before burning out.

Fluorescent bulbs flicker for a short period as they cycle on; after a few minutes, the flickering should stop. They are designed to last more than 6 years for ten hours per day under normal circumstances and as they age, they will flicker and dim.

LED bulbs do not flicker when you turn them on. They are designed to burn faithfully for about 100,000 hours—approximately 27 years at 10 hours per day.

Both fluorescent and LED bulbs use a ballast—a current reducer and regulator—since these bulbs require less energy. As a ballast begins to fail it can also cause these bulbs to flicker. Replacing the ballast should return the lights to normal brightness and steady light.

If you see a light or a bank of lights flickering, it is an indication of a wiring problem that needs to be addressed by a commercial electrician.

A Breaker Tripping or a Fuse Blowing

Circuit breakers are safety devices that recognize when 1) excess current pours into a circuit—a power surge, or 2) current is interrupted—a short circuit. Fuses are an older version of the same device; for the same reasons, a small wire connector melts and stops the current from flowing.

Circuit breakers trip for many reasons and often you are aware of the reason. However, when a circuit trips unexpectedly and frequently, this is also an indication of needed repairs. It may indicate an overloaded circuit and therefore the need for an additional circuit to handle the load.

Switches and Outlets that Stop Working

Electrical components are designed to function continuously but will wear out over time. If the circuit breaker is ON and a switch or outlet is not working, this is a problem. If plugs do not fit properly into an outlet it needs to be replaced. If an outlet has a scorch mark or is discolored, it needs to be replaced by a Commercial Electrician.

Electricity Should Not Be Experienced

You should never feel electricity—even mild electrical shock is extremely dangerous and indicates a grounding problem. Switches should not give off a shock. Plugging a device into an outlet should not produce a shock.

You should never see electricity—sparks always indicate trouble. Sparks will lead to electrical shock. Sparks can lead to a fire. Electrical sparks produce extreme heat which leaves a telltale scorch mark. If you did not see the spark but see the scorch it is an indication.

You should never smell electricity—the smell of something burning is a major indication. The old adage “where there is smoke there is fire” is true concerning electricity.

An electrical problem might produce one, two, or three of these indicators, but they are all three a problem. Do not ignore these indicators but call a professional electrician to investigate the problem and find a solution.

Do you think you may need a commercial electrician?

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