4 Reasons You Need to Install A Home Generator

Install A Home Generator and be Ready for Emergencies

Local homeowners have experienced enough severe weather and natural disasters in the last decade to at least consider installing a whole-house generator. Emergencies require preparation, and generators provide comfort and safety when families are quite vulnerable. However, this is a big decision with a variety of variables and a good decision-maker needs lots of information. Hopefully, the following details will help those who are considering purchasing a generator.

The Convenience of a Home Generator

During severe storm events, flying objects may pose a hazard. During a winter storm, the extreme temperatures make going outdoors to start the generator uncomfortable. A power outage may happen while the family is sleeping or away. However, a sensor on a whole-house generator will recognize the loss of electricity and activate automatically during power outages, day or night, heat or cold, during strong wind or calm.

Overcoming the loss of power can prevent frozen or refrigerated food from spoiling. The heat or air conditioning can continue to keep your home comfortable. Being in the dark will be a choice, not a consequence.

What Size Home Generator Do You Need?

Purchasing the appropriate generator for your home might seem a little confusing, but a little information can shed light on this option. Manufacturers rate and sell generators based on their output; a 20-kWh generator will produce 20-kilowatt hours of electricity and a 38-kWh generator will generate . . . well, you get the picture. How can you determine the right size for your home?

If an installed generator does not carry an entire electrical load of your home, a solution will be turning off certain lights and appliances. Remember, you are purchasing an appliance that you hope never to use but need in case of emergency.

What is the best fuel choice for your home generator?

Whole-house generators use fuels to produce electricity. Fuels that are commonly used include natural gas, propane, and diesel.

How much does a home generator cost?

The total cost of a whole-home generator will include:

Inconveniences to Understand

Installation of a home generator will require some significant changes and not all changes will be appreciated.

If you have questions about installing a home generator, give us a call!

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4 Reasons You Need to Install A Home Generator

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