Why Should an Electrician Repair a Loose Electrical Outlet Box?

Call an Electrician: Dangers of Repairing a Loose Outlet Yourself

Your home’s electrical outlets are attached to your wall studs. Overtime use, vibration, and the jarring that occurs when plugs are inserted & removed can loosen the outlet boxes from the stud that they are anchored to. If you have ever unplugged a cord from an outlet and it moved or felt like it was coming out of the wall, your plug needs to be repaired.

Tightening an electrical outlet involves more than tightening a few screws. The outlet box could have become unattached from the stud, wires may be damaged, debris may be inside the outlet box. Because the potential hazard of electrical shock is increased for this repair, we strongly suggest that you do not make this a DIY project.  Call an AirPro Electrician to assist with this repair.

Warning Signs of a Loose Electrical Outlet Box

The signs that your electrical box is coming loose are:

The longer the outlet has been loose, the more likely the wires attached to the outlet are loose as well. Prolonged rubbing of the wires against any part of the electrical box can damage the wires. When dealing with damaged wiring, it is always best to leave the repair to the professional electricians.

Other Damage Caused by Loose Electrical Outlet Boxes

A neglected and damaged outlet box can lead to several possible problems. Most are minor and non-threatening, while others can be deadly.

Broken/Cracked Faceplate: The faceplate can break if the outlet is pulled too hard. A cracked faceplate can allow LIVE electrical wires to be exposed. Stop using the outlet if the faceplate is cracked or damaged. Call one of our electricians to assist with the repair.

Electrical Cord Damage: If your outlet moves when you plug a cord in you have to use more force to plug in the electrical cord. The same is true when you unplug the cord… you use more force. Over time this push and pull battle can expose live wires or fray the electrical cord to the point where it becomes a dangerous hazard.

It is best to have an AirPro electrician inspect the outlet before continuing to use the cord or corded appliance.

Electrical Shock: This is the most dangerous issue when it comes to a loose electrical box. Plugging in or unplugging a cord are the most vulnerable times. If you are shocked during these times, you need to immediately call an AirPro electrician.

Repair Your Loose Electrical Outlet Boxes

Electricity is a powerful force. When dealing with electrical issues in your home it is always best to call in a licensed professional electrician to take care of the problem. This is not only to ensure the job is done correctly but also for your own safety.

Why Should an Electrician Repair a Loose Electrical Outlet Box

Let AirPro an Electrician Help With Your Electrical Repairs

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