5 Reasons Your Home May Need Electrical Rewire

5 Reasons Your Home May Need Electrical Rewire

There is not a time in the day that we are not relying upon the electrical system that runs throughout your home. There is not a season of the year that we rely upon it less than other seasons. We rely upon electricity for comfort, cooking, communication, entertainment, work, and keeping schedules.

Honestly, we do not understand electricity well—we only interact with the controls and enjoy what electricity does for us. As a responsible homeowner, you need to understand enough about your system to be aware of indications of trouble, since nearly 55,000 home fires are caused by electrical problems that develop over time. Here are six of the most common indicators of electrical problems developing.

Old Wiring In Your Home May Mean it it Time for an Electrical Rewire

Electrical wiring is pretty stable and generally, the materials that carry electricity do not “wear out” or weaken. However, an older home with an older electrical system may need to be inspected and you may receive a recommendation to rewire your home. Here are a few reasons rewiring might be necessary.

Homes built between 1880 and 1940 commonly used “knob and tube” wiring with cloth insulation and exposed wire connections. Knob and tube wiring should be replaced as a safety measure.

Electrical Rewire: Frequent Circuit Breaker Trips

Your home is divided into electrical zones, with a group of outlets or lights grouped together on a circuit. If something unusual happens to the circuit, it trips a circuit breaker to keep people and appliances safe from shock or damage. If a circuit breaker trips frequently, it indicates something unusual and potentially hazardous is happening. It may indicate a faulty appliance that needs to be replaced or it may indicate a developing electrical problem.

Electrical Rewire: Unusual Odors

There are two odors associated with electrical problems:

Electrical Rewire: Discolored Outlets or Extension Cords

Often a short circuit or spark happens immediately after you plug in a device, but sometimes it happens when you are not present. If you become aware of scorch marks or discoloration on wall outlets or extension cords, the device needs to be an outlet or the cord needs to be replaced. Investigate the problem further to keep your family safe and your home from receiving damage.

Electrical Rewire: Flickering Light Bulbs

For various reasons, a light bulb may loosen and create a flicker—even bulbs that were tightened properly. If a light flickers frequently, even after you have tightened it, or if a light bulb burns out prematurely, it is a problem that needs to be investigated and addressed. It might be a problem in the circuit or a larger problem with current surges.

Electrical Rewire: Loud Buzzing Noises

Electricity hums as it moves; we are accustomed to hearing the familiar hum. However, when current is restricted, either in an appliance or an outlet, the hum increases in volume to an unusual buzzing noise. The harsher buzz is an indication of a small electrical problem that will usually develop into a large problem.

Need an Electrician?

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5 Reasons Your Home May Need Electrical Rewire

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