5 Reasons to Hire a Houston Electrician

Tips in Hiring A Houston Electrician

In the U.S., we have a very independent attitude and “do-it-yourself” (DIY) was often a necessity rather than a preference. When cars and trucks were rather simple devices, being a “shade tree mechanic” meant that you had a can-do spirit and were willing to put in some time to repair your own vehicle and occasionally were called upon to repair a neighbor’s car.

People often “got ahead” by purchasing a house that needed repairs and putting in the time and effort to renovate and repair homes. In the ‘50s and ‘60s, the workweek was shortened to 5 days and DIY projects became more popular. Tools and materials were made readily available; hardware stores and lumber yards were replaced with “home improvement centers.”

Today, few people are ready to take on the complexity of modern vehicles, so few “shade tree mechanics” work on late model cars. There are some building areas that do not work well as DIY projects—residential electricity is one such area. Here are five reasons hiring a Houston Electrician is preferable to doing it yourself:

  1. Avoiding Dangerous Situations

Taking on any project comes with some risk; changing a lightbulb could result in a fall. However, with electrical projects, the risks are more subtle and can be very dangerous.

  1. It is Harder Than It Seems

Few home improvement projects are “fun,” but some projects fit into your comfort level better than others. Digging up a sewer line is not fun, but you know how to use a shovel and a tape measure. Projects become less attractive when they take you out of your comfort level when you do not have the required tools or know-how to complete the project properly.

If your electrical experience amounts to the repair of an extension cord, wiring a room addition on your own becomes problematic. Save your DIY energy for projects you are prepared to complete.

  1. Building Code Requirements

Some projects can be completed without permits, projects such as painting or laying tile. The basic building practices are left up to you as the homeowner. However, some projects affect your home AND future buyers, AND the whole community.

Since electricity connects homes and since homes are built rather close together, most electrical projects will need a permit and periodic inspections completed by municipal or county inspectors. Inspectors are ensuring electrical projects are completed according to acceptable product and installation standards.

Expect the professional Houston Electrician to “pull” the correct permit from the proper authority, to follow the proper standards during installation, to be present and tour the project with the inspector, and correct anything that fails the inspection. Your project will receive an “approval” stamp, ensuring the project is completed properly.

  1. You Pay for Tools and Expertise

Admittedly, you can do many things and your independent spirit has opened your potential. You have attempted many things and have been pleasantly surprised at the results. However, you have also realized that you cannot do many things; you should not attempt to complete heart surgery on yourself. When you open the hood of your new electrical car, you realized this is not the realm of the shade tree mechanic. You would not assume the responsibility of flying a commercial jet on your next business trip, you will hire professionals when a professional is needed.

Also, nothing is more frustrating than trying to accomplish a task without the proper tools. Removing a 2-ton stone from the backyard can be accomplished with a hammer, chisel, and wheelbarrow. It can also be removed with a series of straps and a frontend loader. The former will take a lot of time, blood, sweat, and tears compared to the latter.

When you hire an electrician, you are hiring a lot of training, experience, and the tools necessary to complete a project correctly.

  1. Electricians Can Save Money

As you might expect, electricians are paid according to the training, experience, and tools they bring to the project. One of the major goals you have by completing a project on your own is the money you will save. This might create a conflict in your mind about whether hiring a professional electrician is a wise financial decision.

By communicating these concerns with your electrician before you’re the project begins, you can request that he allow you to complete non-profession “busy work” associated with the project, such as mapping the circuits throughout the house. The electrician is interested in completing the project quickly and correctly and should welcome assistance with routine tasks.

So, keep your independent, “can-do” attitude; save money and time while improving the value and comfort of your home. But let part of this independent attitude be recognition when you sincerely need help and hire professionals when you need the work of a professional.

5 Reasons to Hire a Houston Electrician

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