5 Reasons You Need to Consider an HVAC Replacement

How to Recognize It Is Time for an HVAC Replacement

As Fall approaches, the intense portion of the cooling season is behind us. This is a good opportunity to explore your utility bills for the late Spring and Summer to notice usage trends. Examining usage can uncover a loss of efficiency in your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system. Here are some important budgetary reminders about how heating and cooling affect your utility bill and it might be time to consider an HVAC Replacement.

1 Utilities and HVAC Functions

While costs vary from state to state, the total cost for heating and cooling combined is close:

If your utility bills are higher by more than 20%, it might be a sign of efficiency loss in your HVAC system. If you discover this inefficiency, you should also explore these additional factors.

2 System Age

Each mechanical system has a limited useful life; this is noticeably true with vehicles. Just like automobiles, the useful life of an HVAC depends upon the make/model and how well it is maintained.

3 Inconvenient Changes

An aging system may:

4 Expensive Repairs: A true sign it might be time for an HVAC Replacement

Beyond the purchase and installation of an HVAC, the costs associated with heating and cooling should provide for:

As the system ages, repairs may become necessary. Normally, the repairs should be minor and the cost low. The loss of efficiency will put stress on major components and at some point, a repair will be expensive enough to warrant a system replacement. Knowing which factors to observe should help you make budgetary plans for the eventual replacement of your system.

5 Convenient Financing

The cost of an HVAC replacement can be stressful, but stress is not inevitable. Air Pro AC offers convenient financing that does not tax your home equity line, credit cards, or bank account. We offer a full-service, one-stop approach; repair, replacement/installation, and financing.

Let us help you with your HVAC replacement questions!

With our four decades of experience as a Houston HVAC Replacement contractor, AirPro Houston provides you with the skill and expertise to assist with your HVAC Replacement needs.

We have several financing options available with great options with up to 72-month terms with approved credit. Call us today at  281-880-8805 and let us partner with you for all of your AC repairs, Tune Up maintenance, and needs for HVAC Replacement.

5 Reasons You Need to Consider an HVAC Replacement

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