Commercial HVAC Maintenance: 5 Steps to an Efficient System

Commercial HVAC Maintenance for Commercial HVAC Systems

Since the appearance of a commercial property takes the lion-share of maintenance attention (cleaning, repairing surfaces, etc.), caring for the building systems that keep the space comfortable and healthy might take the back seat.

However, a clean, pristine space that is uncomfortable to visit is quite uninviting. Additionally, poorly maintained HVAC systems cost more to operate (more than 30% more), require repairs more often, and have a shortened system life.

Unlike residential HVAC systems, Commercial HVAC Maintenance tasks can rarely be completed as DIY projects, but require a professional technician. Each system has been customized for the building, but here is a shortlist of maintenance tasks required for commercial HVAC systems.

  1. Change Air Filters Regularly.
    1. This is the most important Commercial HVAC Maintenance task for any HVAC system since the filter impacts indoor air quality and system function. Clogged air filters stress the entire system and potentially lead to pollutants bypassing the filter.
    2. Since commercial spaces are typically much larger than residences, filters should be checked regularly every 3 to 4 weeks for a significant interval of time. The goal is to determine an effective schedule for cleaning or repairing air filters. After investigation, the technician may call for filter changes every 1 to 6 months, depending upon the number of airborne particles trapped by filters.
  2. Test System Function.

The technician will have the manufacturer’s specifications that will help determine how well (or not) the system heats or cools the space it was designed to serve. Deviation from the specifications will point the technician to system components with poor performance. Replacing faulty components before they become a problem is ideal.

  1. Visual Inspection and Commercial HVAC Maintenance.

With training and experience, the technician will

  1. Test and tighten electrical connections as needed
  2. Check current and voltage on motors
  3. Inspect belts and replace them as needed
  4. Lubricate the system as required by the manufacturer’s specifications
  1. Test Coolant Levels.

Each system is different: some will use refrigerant gas under pressure for air conditioning, while other systems will heat or cool water. Testing these levels will ensure the pressure is correct.

  1. Clean Evaporator and Condenser Coils.
    1. Evaporator coils are inside the AC cabinet and remove humidity from the indoor air. Since they are moist, cool, and perpetually in the dark, the technician will carefully clean the coils to remove potential mold or mildew that might develop.
    2. The technician will also clean the drain pan and clear any clogs in the drain. Clearing the drain prevents the water from backing up into your commercial space.
    3. Condenser coils are located in the outdoor AC unit. While the case looks solid, it is “honeycombed” with very small openings to allow air to flow through and cool refrigerant gas. Dust, mold, and pollen are a few of the potential contaminants that can clog these openings. A little solvent and low-pressure water will clean the openings for effective airflow.
  2. Test Thermostats and Calibrate as Needed.

After cleaning the system and checking for system function, the technician will test the thermostats to ensure they are calibrated to heat and cool the required space. This prevents hot or cold spots and improves sensor response times. If you have a programmable or smart thermostat, you can request instructions on how to schedule temperature changes to keep people comfortable AND save money.

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Commercial HVAC Maintenance

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