Home Generator: 5 Steps to Winterize

Winterize your Home Generator in 5 Easy Steps

Cool-weather is upon us and Winter is just around the corner. With the winter months, comes the potential of winter storms.

Temperatures below freezing and high winds create the potential for power outages. Being prepared with a home generator provides protection for your family and your home.

During a power outage, a whole home generator is the best choice for powering up your home during a power outage. The major benefits are:

For more information on backup generator installation, contact our team of electricians.

If you already have a whole home generator installed, you cannot forget to winterize and maintain it, so that it is ready to use when needed.

Here are 4 tips to winterize your whole home generator:

1) Remove Debris Around Your Generator

Keeping the area surrounding your generator clear and clean is a crucial step in keeping it reliable. Removing fallen leaves or limbs, ice, and snow during a winter storm will reduce the potential for overheating.

We advise a regular check of the area around your generator to remove any potential hazards and keep the exhaust vents free from any potential debris that could cause a clog.

2) Create a Test Schedule for Your Generator

Most home generators are equipped with a test setting that initiates the unit to start and test itself. It is best to schedule this test while you are going to be at home so you can listen for it to turn on and you can hear any unusual noises.

If it fails to test, it is a good sign that you need to schedule a maintenance appointment.

3) Invest in a Remote Monitoring Service

Remote monitoring is a great investment for homeowners with a whole home generator. This application provides generator maintenance records so you can monitor its efficiency and determine if there are repairs needed.

4) Know When to Call the Experts

A whole home generator is a smart investment to protect your family and your home. Maintaining the system is best left to the professionals. Regular maintenance & service will keep your generator in prime condition to be ready when you need it the most.

Have Questions About Winterizing your Home Generator?

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