6 Commercial HVAC Maintenance Tips

6 Commercial HVAC Maintenance Tips for Business Owners

If you manage multiple residential facilities, we tip our hats to you. Every family considers their home to be a very personal sanctuary, yet in multi-family housing, each apartment is interconnected with the personal space of other families. Your job is to both maintain the space, maintain the peace, and maintain the budget—never an easy job.

Automating any process will help you save time, money, and frustration. Monthly bills might have been hand-delivered in the past, but you would never consider that effective today. With so many furnaces and air conditioners to maintain, you either have the expertise and time to take care of them all yourself, or you find someone to handle that for you.

AirPro HVAC offers preventative Commercial HVAC Maintenance plans to help property managers keep multiple HVAC systems in good working order, saving you a lot of time and money. Here is what we can help you avoid:

1 Unnecessary Property Damage

One of the results of malfunctioning HVAC systems is water damage. In your position, is there anything worse? With a small leak, repair crews must coordinate with you and the tenant, so a mild headache. With a large leak, you are moving the tenant out while repairs are made; a long headache. Malfunctions that result in water leaks develop over time; with regular inspection and maintenance, these leaks are less likely to develop.

2 Poor Indoor Air Quality

As the air conditioner cools the air, it also removes humidity through the process of condensation. Removing moisture from the air enhances personal comfort, but it also helps keep the indoor air cleaner. Indoor relative humidity above 50% is the perfect environment for the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria, and viruses. Surfaces become tacky to the touch and collect dust and pollen. Poor indoor air quality can trigger asthma and allergies. Bottom line; poor indoor air quality is not good for anyone. Preventative Commercial HVAC Maintenance will increase AC efficiency and improve indoor air quality.

3 Comfort Issues

Tenants are often uneducated concerning HVAC functions. They often expect temperature changes to happen instantly and are oblivious to how their actions might impact HVAC performance. If they experience a hot or cold spot and use auxiliary appliances, such as space heaters or window units. This might lead to a fire hazard that can affect multiple units. Having a technician available to evaluate comfort problems might just avoid a 911 call.

4 Emergency Contacts

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to plan breakdowns to match a tenant’s schedule? Like the day he leaves for a week-long business trip so that he never knew the issue happened. Instead, it goes out the day after his family arrives from Gnome, Alaska during a heat wave.

A maintenance schedule with Air Pro HVAC can help in two ways:

Maintained HVAC systems are less likely to have emergency calls.

A technician familiar with your equipment is better equipped to handle emergencies.

5 Ready Repairs

Repairs will be necessary. Having no one available to make repairs or lacking necessary parts for weeks at a time will ruin the day for both tenant and manager. A Commercial HVAC Maintenance agreement guarantees parts will be available and experienced technicians ready to make ready repairs.

6 Available Replacements

HVAC systems are mechanical systems with a limited lifespan; 20 to 25 years of usefulness is average. An established relationship with a service, repair, AND installation company gives you a distinct advantage. After a maintenance schedule keeps your systems running longer, we can also prepare you for upcoming replacement needs, and, of course, replace equipment as needed.

Have Questions About Commercial HVAC Maintenance?

With our four decades of experience as a Commercial HVAC Maintenance contractor, AirPro Houston provides you with the skill and expertise to assist with Commercial AC Repair and Commercial HVAC Maintenance and answer questions about your AC system.

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6 Commercial HVAC Maintenance Tips

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