8 Tips to Justify the Cost of a Whole Home Generator

Whole Home Generator – Are They Worth It?

It has become apparent that we live in a high-risk region when it comes to our weather: this area is known for significant storms that often damage the local power grid. Locally, power outages that last for days or even weeks are not uncommon.

In the recent past, these power outages were unfortunate, but the only option was to commiserate with our neighbors and make the best of a bad situation. Several years ago, whole-house generators came on the market. After a few years, the product improved, and the price dropped; whole-house generators are now an affordable option. If you are considering a generator for your home, here are real incentives for making such a purchase:

  1. Protection from the elements. Damaging storms with high winds usually bring heavy rainfall. Normally, your home has the equipment to handle excess water, such as a sump pump. Storms are also accompanied by high temperatures and high humidity, environmental settings that your air conditioner is prepared to handle. A whole-house generator can power both a sump pump and an air conditioner to protect your home from further damage.
  2. A generator will keep your security system active and as connected to emergency responders as possible.
  3. Medical equipment. At least 2.5 million people use medical equipment at home. If your home is included in that number, keep them running even when the power is out.
  4. Keep appliances functioning. When the power goes out, both the refrigerator and freezer are disabled, putting valuable food supplies in jeopardy. Without a generator, the only cooking appliance available is the outdoor grill.
  5. Keeping comfortable. If the power is out for an entire week, you might as well be camping out in August. A whole-house generator allows your family to remain comfortably in your home.
  6. A home business can continue. If you work from home, a generator can mean the difference between keeping up with your workload or apologizing for delays.
  7. Scattered throughout the average home, you will find devices charging; phones, and associated devices will be useful for communicating with family and emergency services. Many homes now house charging stations for electric vehicles; a power outage might also reduce travel without a generator.
  8. A home with an installed whole-house generator will increase in value over a home without. It will also bring considerable peace of mind.

Of course, a power outage is only a portion of the potential damage homeowners may face, but a generator handles one of the major problems that result.

What to Expect During a Whole Home Generator Installation

A whole-house generator will be installed outside and sufficiently distant from the house to keep the exhaust from blowing into the home. A fuel supply will either be connected to the generator (natural gas) or stored safely away from the home. The generator may be installed on an elevated platform to bring it above potential flooding.

The generator will be sized between 16 and 20 kWH to handle the electrical load. A cable will connect the generator directly to the electric service panel. Switches will be in place to power designated circuits as a priority. Additionally, a switch will be in place to take your home off the power grid, so the generated electricity will not endanger other homes or repair staff restoring the grid.

The cost of the generator will depend upon the size and options selected. The cost of installation will depend upon several factors, including:

Whole Home Generator Fuel sources —will it require tapping into the local gas supply and burying supply lines?

Available space—will it require a moving fence, shrubbery, or a deck?

Accessibility—will the equipment be required for installation?

Permits for Whole Home Generator Installation—each location is different.

Have Questions About Whole Home Generator Installation?

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