AC Compressor Replacement Guide

Homeowners Guide to AC Compressor Replacement

In Eastern countries, the year is governed by four seasons, based on the agricultural growing season. In Western countries, we tend to have only two seasons—the heating season and the cooling season. For all our dependence on heating and air conditioning, most people don’t know much about how it all works. Often, that leads to not knowing how to maintain this important system and it usually costs us money. Here are tips on when to know it is time for an AC Compressor Replacement.

Take a Little Gas Law

Remember that heat is caused by the movement of atoms or molecules, the faster the movement, the greater the temperature. A chemical in gas form moves freely and is warmer than the same chemical in a liquid or solid form. When you confine a gas in a structure, then compress the gas, the molecules increase their speed and continually bang against the sides of the container. Releasing the pressure reduces the temperature. Suddenly reducing the temperature causes the gas to cool very quickly.

Add a Little Gas Mechanics

The air conditioner system uses these principles to cool (or heat) your home. The compressor unit—the outdoor portion of your air conditioner—compresses a refrigerant gas outdoors, moves it indoors, and suddenly releases it in the evaporator coil. A fan moves hot air from inside across the evaporator coil. The gas has plenty of room to move, so it picks up the heat from the air, which cools the air. (The process also removes humidity from the air.) Hot (uncompressed) gas moves outdoors to a network of tubes and fins. A fan moves an incredible amount of cool air across the fins, cooling the gas and preparing it for another cooling cycle.

The Beginning of Problems Before an AC Compressor Replacement 

Dirt and debris are enemies of any mechanical system, especially for an air conditioner compressor unit. Cooling the refrigerant gas quickly is essential. Recycling hot refrigerant gas through the compressor motor causes irreparable damage. Therefore, it is essential to:

Lawn clippings, cottonwood and dandelion seeds, and dust are pulled onto the surface of the compressor and between the fins. This restricts the flow of air, slows the cooling of the gas, and threatens compressor function which can lead to an AC Compressor Replacement.

Remember the evaporator coil on the other end of the system? Keeping this coil clean is also essential.

Advanced Problems

Air conditioners depend on the refrigerant gas being compressed and released repeatedly in a rather narrow range of pressures. When something changes the gas pressure, it causes problems with the entire system.

A technician should test your refrigerant gas pressure and inspect the system electronics annually.

If you experience compressor failure, you are probably facing the need to replace your air conditioner system. Steps to keep your compressor healthy and avoid an AC Compressor Replacement include:

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