AC Installation: When you need a new air conditioning installation

New AC Installation: How to determine when you need a new air conditioning installation

As summer temps heat up, your AC system will be working overtime to keep up with the demands of humidity, heat index, and the summer sun. If your air conditioning system is aging, you will notice how well it keeps up with the thermostat setting. There is no better time than now for a new AC installation to get the indoor comfort that you and your family deserve.

The pros and cons of a new air conditioning installation:

If your aging air condition system requires frequent repair, a new AC installation will reduce expenses made on repairs. New air conditioning system installations come with a warranty and guarantee that will cover any repair needs shortly after AC installation is complete. In addition, most modern air conditioning systems that are installed are much more energy efficient which reduces your utility bills.

Modern AC systems that are installed to today’s standards are safer than previous models. Most people do not think of safety when referring to an air conditioning installation, but the newer systems have advanced moisture control systems to reduce model and mildew growth. Both pathogens can be dangerous if left unattended.

New air conditioning installations have state-of-the-art technology components that provide more functions and more cooling/heating options. Many are programmable and eco-friendly. The refrigerant has changed from Freon to Puron, a more environmentally safe coolant that is less likely to overheat.

The con of a new, modern, technologically advanced air conditioning installation is the cost. New systems can be pricey and an expense that can be difficult to swallow.

AC Installation: When you need a new air conditioning installationConsulting with one of our air conditioning installation experts can assist with determining which unit is right for your home’s AC installation. However, we have provided some research that will assist you in making your decision.

How to Choose The Right Air Conditioning System for My Home?

Choosing the Right Size AC Unit?

In our four decades of servicing Southeast Texas, we have installed thousands of air conditioning systems and we know how to choose the right capacity unit. The size of the AC system requires a calculated and thorough inspection of your home to determine the most beneficial system components for your home.

The size of the air conditioning systems is based on the square footage of your home, its architecture, and the specific needs that you have from your AC system. During this inspection, our technicians can determine the model options that are right for you, and if multiple units are required for the highest efficiency.

There will be multiple options available from different manufacturers. Be sure to ask our HVAC technician about any special offers or rebates that are currently available from American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning.

Bigger is Not Always Better

AC Installation: When you need a new air conditioning installationThe larger, or more powerful the air conditioning and heating system is the quicker your home will be cooled or heated. The size of the unit also states the energy consumption. A larger unit will use more electricity. We can determine if your current system is too small for your home and make recommendations accordingly.

Our HVAC system technician will consult with you to create an efficient, and affordable system to meet your home’s needs, as well as your comfort level desires.

Air Conditioning Installation & AC Installation Questions?

AirPro Houston is known for our experience in designing HVAC systems to meet the tough demands of a South Texas summer. Our four decades of experience provide you with the skill and expertise to assist you in selecting the right system to deliver comfort to your family.

We have financing options available through Wells Fargo with great options & up to 72-month terms with approved credit. Call us today and let us partner with you as you determine if a new air conditioning installation or AC installation is required.

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