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3 AC Problems for AC Repair 77038

As the cooling season approaches in earnest, this is a great time to give your air conditioning system some preventative care to ensure it runs smoothly for the warm months to come. In South Texas, we increasingly depend on the AC for our health and comfort. While we can do without AC why would you if it was not necessary? Here are the top three AC problems to look for with your air conditioning system.

1 Delayed Maintenance

This is still the #1 cause of air conditioning problems, even though homeowners get plenty of reminders.

2 Leaking Refrigerant

Air conditioners use a refrigerant that works just like antifreeze in a vehicle; it collects heat and moves it to the outdoor environment. The product in air conditioners is commonly called Freon, but it refers to several product formulas.

3 Aging Electronics

The components that move the refrigerant and the air necessary for air conditioning function are a series of switches, sensors, and motors. These parts experience micro-violence every time a cooling cycle begins, so they do wear out.

The best step for preventing these three problems is to schedule preventative maintenance annually.

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