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Expert AC Repair 77064

Most homeowners know little about their air conditioning system; they know it is supposed to cool the air and remove humidity. They can locate the thermostat, the central cabinet, and the outdoor condenser unit and most people do not understand how the whole thing works. When that is the case, if something goes wrong, it can lead to confusion, distress, and a load of questions. Is this a major problem? Has the whole system failed? Will this repair require a technician, or is it an easy fix?

Most problems with air conditioning systems are quite common, and often, there are simple solutions. Understanding why a problem is happening and information about potential solutions should bring a little comfort, so here is a list of common air conditioner problems and the most common AC Repair 77064 solutions for the problems.

Water leaking from the cabinet

While the air conditioner is cooling the air, it also removes excess moisture from the air. A cold network of pipes has warm, moist air blowing across it, so water condenses on the tube like the outside of a cold glass of lemonade. A substantial amount of water is removed, and it drips from the coil of tubing to the drain pan below.

A drain line carries the water from the pan to a floor drain or the outside . . . unless the drain line is clogged by debris or organic material that tends to grow in the dark. The solution? Cleaning the drain line will solve this problem.

Musty odors

If water is allowed to collect in cold, dark places, it can promote the growth of mold or mildew, and this will result in a musty, wet smell. The water might collect around the drain pan or in a low area in the ductwork. Make sure the water drains away, as revealed above. If the collection is in the ducts, they will need to be professionally cleaned and the source of water repaired.

Load noises

There is only one component with moving parts in an air conditioner system, so loud grinding or screeching noises originate in the blower motor/fan assembly. This noise will not go away or improve on its own; call a repair technician right away.

Various electrical components may also develop loud humming noises as they age. The humming noise will not go away on its own either, so call a technician.

Low airflow

If the system worked fine one day but suddenly started blowing less air, the problem has a few common sources. Before calling a technician, check the air filter. A clogged filter will reduce airflow and reduce the amount of cool air entering the home. If the filter is clogged, replace it. Make sure nothing has covered supply vents or air returns, as this will also reduce cool air.

If low airflow is accompanied by a loud noise, it might reveal a problem with the blower motor, and the solution requires a repair visit.

Occasionally damage can occur to the ductwork. When that happens the cool air leaks away and does not enter the home. Usually, this requires professional repairs.

Plenty of warm air

If the system worked fine one day but suddenly started blowing warm air, there could be several problems, each with a unique solution.

If the filter is clear and the thermostat is set correctly, every other solution will require a AC Repair 77064 technician. A leak in the refrigerant or failure in a key electrical component will require the necessary training and tools. Waiting or wishful thinking are not solutions to this AC Repair 77064 problem.

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