AC Wiring and Electrical Issues

AC Wiring and Electrical Issues Resolved for Homeowners

Years ago, automobiles were simple enough so that owners could attempt repairs in the yard, under a tree—leading to the term “shade-tree mechanics.” Those days are long gone; now, a more useful skill is to know just enough to identify a problem that does exist, the intensity of the problem, and a source for repair solutions.

The same skill is also useful for homeowners. Not everyone is a contractor. Not everyone has a do-it-yourself approach to homeownership. But knowing that a problem does exist, the intensity of the problem, and a source for solutions, is worthwhile knowledge. This is especially true concerning the home’s electrical system.

The Most Frequent AC Wiring Problems

The electrical system is typically installed early in the construction process and covered by insulation, walls, and ceiling treatments. Little changes to this system unless damaged or adjusted by remodeling. The most frequent problems that arise are:

AC Wiring Circuit Overload Solutions

The wiring in a home is designed to carry a certain amount of current. Older homes might not have circuits designed to handle the number of electronics commonly used today. Forcing the wires to carry more than the design current causes the wiring to grow too warm, even hot. The heat can cause damage; it can even start a fire.

Evidence might include flickering lights, tripped breakers, and outlets/switches that are hot to the touch.

AC Wiring Solutions include:

Faulty AC Wiring Solutions

Since thick walls and ceilings cover the wiring system, it is difficult to know if and when damage happens. The most obvious evidence is damage to switch or outlet faceplates. However, a more serious threat is from damaged device cables and plugs. Normal foot traffic and movement often damage the cables.

Power Surge Solutions

Most power surges originate in the power grid, but they happen less frequently as a result of lightning strikes. As stated above, residential wiring is designed to carry a certain amount of current. The current of electricity entering the home is fairly constant, but surges happen frequently.

Let Us Help With Your AC Wiring and Electrical Issues

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