Air Conditioning Installation: Is it time to upgrade?

Air Conditioning Installation: Benefits of a New AC System

Strange Fact–Americans rely heavily upon a few mechanical and electronic systems—our phones, vehicles, computers, and our home’s air conditioning system. From time to time, we are reminded that these systems are rather vulnerable; nothing draws attention to the vulnerability of your air conditioner like a week-long heat wave with triple-digit temps. If you consider your air conditioner to be questionable, here are some considerations for you to ponder.

  1. Air conditioners are mechanical systems with a known and limited-service life; the range of service life for air conditioners is between 10 and 20 years. Several variables determine exactly how long your system will last, including the quality of the installation, local climate (how often it’s used), and how well it was maintained. A system that was handled delicately will last longer than one that wasn’t properly cared for. You will be in the best position to know.
  2. Air conditioners use a chemical-mechanical system that employs refrigerant gas. Over the years, researchers have discovered some gases are better for the environment than others, and some gases are more efficient at heat transfer than others. Freon, also known as R-22, has been determined to be harmful to the environment and is no longer being manufactured. The existing supply is running out and supply-and-demand is driving the cost up; replacing Freon will be extremely expensive. If your air conditioner currently uses R-22, making a repair might cost more than a replacement, especially if it includes replacing Freon.
  3. Expect to maintain your air conditioner. During those maintenance inspections, a technician may find a part that needs to be replaced or a minor repair needs to be made. A few things about repairs that become a consideration are:
    1. The cost of repairs. One $400 repair might be acceptable, but multiple $400 repairs add up quickly.
    2. The frequency of repairs. If, after several repair-free years pass, repairs are required every year to ensure that it keeps functioning, this is a sure indication that the end of service is approaching.
    3. Loss of function, such as warm air, low airflow, or high humidity, especially when these repairs must be repeated, are sure signs that you are in need of an AC replacement.
  4. When an air conditioner is installed, it contains state-of-the-art components that work at the peak of efficiency. However, over time, wear and tear hinder these wonderful parts from completing their intended tasks—cooling and cleaning the air efficiently. Completing normal tasks with an inefficient system requires more energy and the increase in energy will be discernable with each month’s electric bill.

Air conditioning is such an essential part of Texas life; it provides comfort, safety, and healthy air. Understanding when to repair and when to replace is welcomed information.

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