Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance: Fixing Uneven Cooling

An anonymous humorist gave us the quip “If you don’t like the weather, wait around for a few minutes.” While it makes us smile about our local weather uncertainty, it should not reflect what happens inside a home. Walking around in your home should not mirror season changes outdoors.

If your home has hot and cold zones, no matter which season you are experiencing, it can be a problem. Here are some common reasons for uneven cooling (or heating) and some potential Air Conditioning Maintenance solutions that can make a difference.

Common Origins for Uneven Cooling

Each home is unique, so the uneven cooling problem in your home might be caused by one or more of these issues, or by something entirely different. Here are some common Air Conditioning Maintenance issues that contribute to uneven cooling.

Further Air Conditioning Maintenance Solutions

With each of the common causes listed above, a potential solution was provided. Here are some tips for improving air circulation within the home to help alleviate uneven temperatures no matter what the cause might be:

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