Air Conditioning Repair Tips

Air Conditioning Repair: When To Know When To Call For Repair

Okay, the cooling season has begun in earnest. Before the extreme heat arrives, perhaps you are wondering whether your air conditioning system is ready for peak operating conditions. What are signs that you need repairs to maintain comfort in your home?

Was the AC making that sound last year?

Your AC system has two blower motors; one indoors, moving air throughout the house and one outdoors at the condenser unit. The motors should run without unusual noises. You also might hear clicks at the thermostat as the unit cycles on and off.

It is not unusual to hear metallic pings, as ducts contract and expand during a cooling cycle. If this noise becomes too much, insulation around the ducts should reduce it. However, unusual hums, squeaks, rhythmic knocks or loud noises of any kind should be investigated by an Air Conditioning Repair professional.

Shouldn’t it be cooler in here?

While the indoor blower unit is circulating the air inside your house, the air conditioner is cooling the air. You set the temperature, within reason, at the thermostat. If the air is not as cool as expected, first check the setting. Make sure it is in cool mode and lower the temperature slightly.

If the AC unit is functioning properly, you can expect the temperature to drop at least one degree per hour. If the unit does not perform as expected, it is time to call a professional.

Why is it so humid in here?

As a result of cooling the air in your home, the air conditioner also removes moisture from the air, reducing the humidity. If the temperature feels fine, but it seems humid over a long period of time, it might indicate the AC unit is failing and a service call is in order.

Do you remember this much water?

Since the AC unit is removing moisture from the air, the moisture needs to escape, usually at a relatively constant drip. However, if the drip appears more like a water leak, it needs to be addressed. Excess water can leak out and damage floors or nearby furniture, so if you see excess water, it is time to call an Air Conditioning Repair professional.

What is that smell?

What if the air is cool and dry, but has an unusual odor? Odd smells might have several sources, and any of them will need to be addressed.

Dust and moisture in the ductworks can allow mold to reproduce and produce an unpleasant odor. Chemical smells or any other unusual smell indicate problems that need to be addressed immediately.

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Air Conditioning Repair Tips

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