Alter HVAC Thermostat Settings for Summer

Summer HVAC Thermostat Settings

As summer approaches and we gain hours of sunlight you should prepare for the Summer months ahead. It is time to test and change the batteries as needed in your fire alarms/carbon monoxide detectors. It is also time to prepare your thermostat settings for optimal efficiency and comfort. Programmable and smart thermostats will allow you to customize the air temperature for your family’s comfort. Here are some suggested changes:

Change the time on your HVAC Thermostat

New smart HVAC Thermostats may connect with the internet and automatically adjust to time changes. If not, the thermostat requires a manual time change twice per year to ensure the programmed settings stay on schedule. Standard programmable thermostats typically have a “Set” or “Program” button. Pushing it once brings up the menu to set the clock. Use the arrow buttons to adjust the time backward one hour in the Fall. Press the “Set” button to save the change.

Adjust your programming on your HVAC Thermostat

If you did not program your programmable thermostat it is running on an automatic setting. This is a perfect time for you to customize your settings. If you programmed your thermostat when it was installed, it is a great time to reevaluate your program.

Your thermostat came with programming instructions; if you no longer possess the instructions, you will be able to find them online by brand.

Program for your schedule on your HVAC Thermostat

Adjusting the temperature throughout the day will save energy and money while keeping your home warm and comfy.

Once you’ve made all your needed scheduling and temperature adjustments, it’s the ideal time to put fresh batteries in your thermostat.

D0 HVAC Thermostat Settings Have You Sweating?

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Alter HVAC Thermostat Settings for Summer


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