Whole Home Back Up Generators

Whole Home Back Up Generators: What You Need to Know

Portable generators have been around since the mid-1960s. At first, they were small and weak compared to today’s models. They were handy for bringing electricity to remote locations—campsites or cabins, remote work locations, or anywhere electricity was needed off-grid.

They grew from small hand-held units to present, Whole Home Back Up Generators that are installed with a forklift. Today, prudent homeowners are buying and sometimes installing backup generator systems in preparation for emergency power outages.

Most power outages happen due to weather events with lightning and high winds. However, winter storms can also lead to power outages and not just in the frigid northern states, as we saw in February of 2021. The combination of snow, ice, and even moderate wind, has taken down a fair share of power lines.

Being without power in the winter can be exceptionally uncomfortable—even dangerous. If you have a backup generator in place or are considering a back up generator, here are some things to consider for using a generator during the heating season.

Generator Options

With every purchase, there are options and generators are no different; size and fuel types are two good examples.

Tips for Using a Back Up Generator Safely

  1. You will need to check the fuel, oil, and battery regularly, to ensure it is ready during an emergency.
  2. Any generator should be a safe distance from the home.
  3. A backup generator takes preparation. Whole Home Back Up Generators will require the installation of a transfer switch to keep everyone safe. As soon as the generator starts, the switch disconnects the home from the power grid. When power is restored to the power grid, the switch disconnects the generator.

Have Questions About Your Back Up Generator?

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Whole Home Back Up Generators



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