3 Top Reasons for HVAC Ductwork Cleaning

Benefits of HVAC Ductwork Cleaning

One of the challenges of the pandemic has been improving and maintaining indoor air quality. When families entered the house and stayed for a while, removing airborne particles quickly became very important. Homeowners who never considered cleaning their HVAC ducts made sure their family was as safe as possible by cleaning the ducts. In this article, we explore several benefits for the average homeowner to consider cleaning your ducts.

1 Protect Your Family

Many of the airborne particles that float around and recirculate are harmful, so the obvious benefit is to remove as much dust, mold, dander, and pollen from the air as possible. The accumulation of these particles can promote the growth of even more contaminants. Removing airborne particles will especially help family members with asthmas, allergies, or breathing illnesses.

2 Indoor Air Quality

Beyond the health benefits, cleaning the ducts will produce a noticeable difference in the freshness of the air in your home. Not only can it remove stale, musty odors, but HVAC ductwork cleaning will remove the dust and debris that ends up on the surfaces of your home. Watch for less dust on furniture and less dust collected in your vacuum cleaner.

3 Improved HVAC Function with HVAC Ductwork Cleaning

Airborne particles are very small and find their way into every nook and cranny they can find. You will find an accumulation of dust in building insulation that made its way through an extremely small opening. That gives you an idea of the pervasiveness of dust.

The primary air filter removes +90% of airborne particles. By removing the accumulation of debris in the ducts, it is gone for good and no longer circulates. Not only will it not end up on the coffee table, but it will also not coat the electrical components of your HVAC system.

A clean HVAC system will function more efficiently than a system clogged with dust and dirt. Not only will this save on your utility bill, but it will help give your HVAC system a longer life. A clean system will also require fewer repairs over the years.

Questions About HVAC Ductwork Cleaning?

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3 Top Reasons for HVAC Ductwork Cleaning

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