Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostat Features and Benefits

Change is good! We appreciate and even demand change. Change is good as long as the change is happening to someone else. Secretly, we hate and avoid changing ourselves. For this reason, a suggestion to change your thermostat to a Smart thermostat might not be well-received. However, there are some great benefits to installing this technology to assist with keeping the home comfortable and the HVAC system functioning efficiently.

Smart thermostats are readily available from hardware and home-improvement stores, but they are often available from your local electric utility company. As a bonus, they often install the thermostat at no cost. Why? Local electric utility companies understand Smart thermostats benefit their business model by reducing energy consumption. Reducing energy consumption avoids the highest energy generation—peak generation. This fact should encourage the potential reduction of energy consumption in your home. What are the further benefits?

Greater Comfort

Most homeowners set a heating or cooling temperature setting and do not often change the setting, even when customized changes could significantly increase family comfort.

Greater Efficiency

Temperature changes result in a reduction in energy consumption by reducing the call for hot or cold air. The family schedule is rather stable, allowing a scheduling of temperature changes in relation to the family schedule.

Mobile Access

If something changes and a family member returns home early, the temperature can be changed instantly with an app on a cell phone. If a power outage interrupts the HVAC system function or a problem with the system arrives while everyone is away, the app will give a notification instantly. In addition:

The level of comfort and control increases with a Smart thermostat. The reduction in energy consumption is realized by both the family and the local utility company. Perhaps this is a worthwhile change to consider.

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