Commercial AC Repair: A Tale of Two Commercial Air Conditioners

Commercial AC Repair: The Importance of HVAC Maintenance

Many commercial facility managers tend to have one of two informal approaches to air conditioner maintenance:

If you consider air conditioner maintenance to be expensive, consider these observations.

Commercial AC Repair & Maintenance is Not Difficult

Scheduling commercial air conditioner maintenance is as easy as a phone call. Our dispatcher will gather information about your system, building operations, and building layout. We can schedule our visit to ensure we do not interfere with normal business operations. If we need to shut the system down, we can schedule this at an optimum time during the year.

Commercial AC Repair & Maintenance Improves Efficiency

The air conditioning system in each building was designed using the latest technology available to serve the needs of the occupants at the lowest price possible. Over time, your system meets very small particles, such as dust and pollen, which accumulates just about everywhere inside the system. Air filters remove the majority of these particles, but enough bypass the filters to cause problems with mechanical and electrical parts.

Scheduled maintenance begins with an inspection of components and cleaning the dust that settles over everything. Removing dust increases the efficiency of the components and requires less energy to complete the cooling task. Less energy means fewer operating costs on a monthly basis.

Commercial AC Repair & Maintenance Avoids Major Repairs

A second part of the maintenance visit includes testing various mechanical and electrical components for stress or failure. The pressure of the refrigerant gas will be tested; a gradual reduction in gas pressure indicates a leak since the gas is put under intense pressure. Low pressure can result in system stress and eventually premature component failure.

A failed sensor is quite a minor problem, but false readings can increase the length or frequency of cooling cycles. A thorough examination of your entire system will catch small problems, like a failed sensory, before they become large, expensive problems.

Commercial AC Repair & Maintenance Lengthens Usefulness

Since regular maintenance catches small problems, the entire air conditioner system will see less stress. Over many years of serviceability, the result is a system that functions longer than poorly maintained systems. While exploring this type of information, consider this about what you read:

Commercial AC Repair & Maintenance Improves Indoor Air Quality

Every time your system is cleaned, it removes dust, pollen, and mold spores from your building. This leaves a cleaner, healthier environment for staff and customers. If left in the system, they are transported throughout the building to settle onto floors and surfaces for someone else to clean. They can also adversely affect occupants with allergic reactions and breathing difficulties. Plus, a well-maintained system feels and smells better.

Have Questions About Commercial AC Repair?

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Commercial AC Repair: A Tale of Two Commercial Air Conditioners

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