Commercial Air Conditioner System Air Filtration

Commercial Air Conditioner System Air Filtration Maintenance

Before the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, HVAC systems in commercial and industrial facilities focused primarily on the comfort of guests and staff. Air conditioning certainly makes indoor spaces more inviting during the heat and humidity of summers in the South. However, this event added the focus on mitigating dangers from biological dangers. Distancing and sanitizing practices were enhanced, and HVAC air filtration became a major emphasis. While the immediate danger has abated, the need to be vigilant remains.

Airborne Organic Matter

There are a variety of allergens, bacteria, and viruses moving about in both indoor and outdoor spaces. As people move in and out of these spaces, they bring these particles inside. Unless they are removed, the concentration of particles increases.

Organic Matter Size

The danger of these organic particles varies. The size of these particles also varies greatly.

Air Filter Ratings

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) developed a rating system to measure the efficiency of air filters in removing airborne particles, the Minimum Efficiency Rating Value or MERV. (Don’t we just love acronyms?) MERV is expressed in the percentage of certain-sized particles removed:

These filters will remove most viruses but filters with openings small enough to capture all viruses pose a problem for normal air conditioner systems.

Air conditioners require the movement of massive amounts of air, especially for large commercial systems. A filter with extremely small openings restricts the flow of air enough to interfere with air conditioning function. These filters require blower motors that move an increased amount of air to both filter and cool the air.

Commercial Air Conditioner System Air Filtration Beyond Filters

If removing viruses and other small particles is important, speak with your commercial HVAC contractor concerning the availability of auxiliary products.

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