Commercial Ductwork Cleaning in the Office

Benefits to Commercial Ductwork Cleaning 

Whether you own a commercial building or manage commercial space, maintaining its various systems is an important cost-control measure. Your HVAC manufacturer recommends scheduling a preventative maintenance visit annually to ensure all of the components function properly. A preventative maintenance visit will include:

The end of the cooling season is a good time to give your HVAC professional access to your HVAC system for the following reasons:

Commercial Ductwork Cleaning as part of your scheduled preventative maintenance will benefit staff and guests in the following ways:

Commercial Ductwork Cleaning: Remove Bad Odors . . . and Worse!

Airborne particles circulating through your building will ideally be trapped in air filters during both heating and cooling cycles. Whenever the blower motor stops, any dust, pollen, or other fine particles inside the ducts are deposited by gravity inside ducts. Dust attracts dust and other particles and eventually leads to musty smells.

Mold and mildew spores enter buildings whenever doors or windows are opened and are also carried in on shoes and clothing. Most spores are captured and trapped by the air filter.

However, it only takes a slight amount of moisture, says from condensation, to activate spores and promote growth inside the ducts. Often mold and mildew give off a distinct odor, but worse yet, the growth produces more spores, and spore growth creates health risks to humans.

Even clean buildings will occasionally experience various species of pests and these pests can find a home inside ducts. Building occupants are aware of this possibility and might not be surprised. What they will find inexcusable is when waste and debris from pests are not removed quickly.

These materials create odors, but the greater risk is the danger from microbes that are feeding on this waste. Every time the blower engages, the foul odor and dangerous germs are circulating through your place of business.

It might surprise you what ends up in ducts, sometimes totally by accident, but occasionally people will drop things inside a duct on purpose. As the item decays, it can smell. Or worse, the item might be large enough to create a blockage.

Regularly Commercial Ductwork Cleaning will improve the indoor air quality for your staff and guests. Your staff is your most important asset, and generally, they spend long hours in your building. They are counting on you to keep them safe and comfortable, especially people with allergies or breathing issues.

A professional Commercial Ductwork Cleaning will remove smelly and dangerous items from the ducts. You will have the peace of mind that comes from making your space the safest it can possibly be.

Commercial Ductwork Cleaning in the Office

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