Commercial HVAC Maintenance Importance

Why Commercial HVAC Maintenance is Crucial for Business Owners

During the hot summer, we are accustomed to being surrounded by air conditioning; it is a technology that makes summertime in the South bearable. Our homes are air-conditioned. Our vehicles are air-conditioned. Our workplaces and commercial sites we visit are air-conditioned. Even a few of our sports venues are air-conditioned.

If the car air conditioner conks out, you can roll the windows down, and while doing without home air conditioning is uncomfortable, it is doable. However, people will make decisions about commercial spaces without air conditioning and usually decide to work, shop, and do business in spaces with AC rather than without AC.

Since air conditioning is a deciding factor in consumer choice, business owners and property managers must pay careful attention to maintaining commercial air conditioning. Here are a few more reasons to routinely schedule a Commercial HVAC Maintenance appointment.

The Complexity of Commercial HVAC Maintenance

While residential air conditioning is designed to cool and dehumidify space, commercial air conditioning is often more complex. The larger size and technological complexity of commercial air conditioning make it a major investment. Air filtration and ventilation are often more stringent to protect the public from airborne pathogens. Building codes and environmental regulations make these systems more expensive to operate.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance is Business Essential

Air conditioning is so essential to a modern business that a lengthy breakdown can prove very costly. Catastrophic failure might appear to happen suddenly, but when observed closely, a major failure is actually a cascade of small failures.

Quite often, the cascade happens when the weakened system is under great stress during a very hot stretch of summer days. Since the hot stretch of days is stressing every system, multiple systems are failing daily. Expect the demand for air conditioning repair to be high all summer long and a delay in the repair schedule is to be expected.

Air Quality

Business owners take on the responsibility of providing clean, quality air for staff and business guests. The blower motors are stronger to ensure a fresh supply of air and air filters are more efficient to remove potential harm from airborne particles.

Removing humidity from the air is a worthwhile byproduct of cooling the air. It also improves air quality by preventing the growth of smelly mold and mildew—two pathogens that thrive in moist environments. Maintaining commercial air conditioning ensures the ready flow of fresh air to everyone who enters a business venture.

Air Temperature

The benefit most closely associated with air conditioning is cool air. The chemical-mechanical process that achieves this benefit is quite complex and requires several interacting components. Some components are small and seemingly innocuous, while others are large and imposing. The truth is each of these components is essential to the process—the system will not work properly and efficiently without them.

Often, the cooling process requires the use of refrigerant gas and must collect the moisture removed from the air. Since all these components, large and small, work together, maintenance of these components and their efficient performance continues to be extremely important.

What Does Commercial HVAC Maintenance Involve?

We have established that air conditioning is essential for good business practices and the major investment in commercial air conditioning is worth maintaining. What is involved in maintaining a commercial system?

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