Are Commercial HVAC Maintenance Programs Worth It?

Commercial HVAC Maintenance Program 101

We are asked on a regular basis whether commercial HVAC maintenance programs are beneficial. This equates to asking your mechanic if having your oil changed every 3,000-5,000 miles is important in maintaining your vehicle and prolonging its lifespan. The analogies may seem quite different, but they are closer than one might think.

The answer is yes to both questions. Regular maintenance on your vehicle is important, as is regular maintenance on your commercial HVAC system. As we take a closer look at both examples you will see why commercial HVAC maintenance and routine car maintenance are important.

Balding tires are easy to spot for car owners. Driving on tires that need replacing can be dangerous to yourself and others. It is best to replace tires with excessively worn tread before a blow-out or flat tire causes a more serious accident.

Commercial HVAC systems are quite different. Looking at the outside of your unit may not alert you to any issues. That is why a commercial HVAC maintenance program is crucial in allowing an expert to routinely inspect your HVAC system and prevent system failure or excessive wear and tear. The longer the potential repairs are neglected, the more costly the repair may be.

We change our oil every 3,000 – 5,000 miles because we know that engine oil breaks down during use over time. The break down of that oil leads to reduced lubrication of moving parts within the engine.

Inside of your commercial HVAC system, the motors and mechanical parts required proper lubrication to keep these moving parts from overheating. Inefficient lubrication of these parts will result in premature wear and breakage. Having a professional commercial HVAC technician thoroughly inspect your commercial HVAC system includes checking lubricants.

Your vehicle’s fuel and air filter maintain the gas mileage of your vehicle. When your fuel filter is clogged, your gas mileage drops. If your air filters are clogged, the air entering your vehicle’s engine is unclean and causes avoidable wear and tear.

Your HVAC system operates under the same principle. If your air filter is clogged, it will put unnecessary stress on the system and will cause the components to not function at their peak efficiency.

When an air filter is replaced routinely during a commercial HVAC maintenance program, your system continues to operate at its full potential.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance Program

Why Invest in a Commercial HVAC Maintenance Program?

Keeping your commercial system properly maintained will:

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