Commercial HVAC: Prevent Airborne Illnesses in the Workplace

Commercial HVAC: Prevent Airborne Illnesses from Spreading in the Office

The loss of productivity due to an outbreak of the flu or colds in the workplace can be devastating. The costs add up in lost productivity with sick days and health expenses for a business.

Airborne viruses can spread rapidly in a commercial building with poor ventilation and poorly maintained commercial HVAC systems.

Here is a list of strategies to prevent airborne illnesses in the workplace.

Poor Ventilation Increase Illness and Reduces Indoor Air Quality

Modern construction creates tightly sealed buildings to conserve energy. This new construction norm has greatly increased the potential for stagnant air that breeds contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, and mold.

These pollutants become trapped inside of poorly maintained commercial HVAC systems and are recirculated through the indoor air. This can be a leading cause of office illness outbreaks.

“According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), some of the most common causes of poor indoor air quality include high humidity caused by poor upkeep of ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems.

Bacteria and viruses that cause respiratory infections can more easily multiply and spread in uncontrolled humidity conditions.”

These Five Steps Can Reduce Airborne Illness in Commercial HVAC Systems

  1. Replace air filters regularly. This is a simple and easy task that can go a long way in reducing and removing airborne contaminants from circulation while improving indoor air quality.Reducing the number of pollutants circulating by filtering them out of the system is the single most effective measure to reduce airborne illnesses in the workplace.
  2. Keep Regularly Scheduled Commercial HVAC Maintenance. Your HVAC system needs routine servicing to keep system components in proper working order and to maintain system efficiency.Filters and belts need to be cleaned or replaced, condenser and evaporator coils need to be cleaned, parts need to be lubricated, and electrical connections tested.

    Maintaining your HVAC system parts will improve indoor air quality and prolong the life of your commercial HVAC system.

  3. Annual Duct Cleaning. Keeping your commercial HVAC system’s ductwork clean will remove any dust and debris built-up within. This process will need to be conducted by one of our technicians but will remove dust, mold, and microorganisms that can be flourishing inside your ductwork.

    During the cleaning process, we will also inspect for any damaged ductwork that can prevent proper airflow.

  4. Research Commercial Air Purification Systems. Preventing the spread of viruses and improving indoor air quality within your workplace is becoming a common concern.

    We highly recommend speaking with one of our commercial HVAC technicians to discuss the effectiveness of a commercial air purification system.Modern technological advances use UV light, bi-polar ionization, and oxidation which can greatly reduce the transmission of airborne contaminants in the workplace.

  5. Remove Standing Water from Your Commercial HVAC System. Standing water is a natural breeding ground for pollutants such as bacteria, mold, and mildew.

    Keeping standing water off of and away from rooftop units and boiler pans can reduce the potential of spreading airborne particles.

Partnering with a commercial HVAC professional to improve your air quality and prevent airborne illness is very important in maintaining workplace productivity…

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