Best Practices to Alter Thermostat Settings When Daylight Saving Ends

How Daylight Saving Affects Your Thermostat Setting

Every November marks the end of daylight saving time. We set our clocks back one hour as we enter the winter months and notice that sunset comes earlier and earlier. You should not only adjust your clocks during this time, but you should also adjust your thermostat. The following adjustments will keep your thermostat at your desired comfort level, and it will also provide a more efficient HVAC system.

Change the Clock on Your Thermostat

Most modern thermostats have a time setting that will need to be adjusted twice a year to accommodate daylight saving. If your thermostat does not change with the time change automatically, manually adjust the time. This will ensure that any programmable settings will be accurate to the time of year.

This is a Great Time to Schedule HVAC System Maintenance

Season changes are an ideal time to take your HVAC system offline for maintenance. Having an HVAC professional thoroughly inspect your HVAC system will make sure that your system is operating in the most efficient manner possible. This will ensure that ductwork is free from obstruction or damage. HVAC maintenance will detect any wear and tear that might have occurred during the intense workout of the summer heat. Most importantly an HVAC system appointment will identify any problems that, if left neglected, can lead to even higher costly repairs.

Evaluate Your Thermostat Programming

As you move from cooling to heating modes, you will want to revisit your thermostat programming to make any adjustments based on your home’s usage. Your family’s routine and on-the-go schedule is in a constant state of change. We suggest that you adjust your programmed thermostat settings at least twice a year to accommodate your family’s schedule and comfort levels.

Specific adjustment recommendations are that you turn your thermostat setting down by 10-15 degrees late at night to reduce energy consumption. Set daytime adjustments during the week too. If no one is home on weekdays, set the thermostat to lower the temperature by 10 degrees.

Best Practices to Alter Thermostat Settings When Daylight Saving Ends

Take Advantage of Nature’s Heater

Remember that you can take advantage of the sun’s natural heating capacity. During the day, open your curtains and blinds to allow the sun’s natural heat to warm your home. The sun can drastically warm your home even on the coldest of days. Ultraviolet rays passing through your window’s glass can significantly warm your home and reduce your energy consumption.

Put In New Batteries

Replace the batteries, so you can rest easy knowing it will work reliably all winter long.

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