Dedicated Computer Circuit for Your Home Office 

Why You Need a Dedicated Computer Circuit for Your Home Office

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, approximately 5.7% of employees worked from home; remote offices were relatively rare. In 2022, approximately 20% of Texans worked from home on a regular basis. We saw a lot of real estate transactions over the last three years, seeking homes with adequate space for both work and school. However, spacious homes might not be designed to handle the electrical and data needs of modern office space.

For many remote workers, the benefit of working from home is very desirable. No one misses the long commute or heavy traffic; missing travel time adds the potential for quality family time. Employers recognize that improved productivity is a nice tradeoff for a less structured work schedule. Don’t let an unreliable electrical connection jeopardize your home office or school space.

Dedicated Computer Circuit: Home Office Basics

When you design your home workspace, two things are abundantly different: the increased number of work equipment using electricity and the sensitivity of office equipment. It is not unusual for office computers to use multiple monitors, a multi-purpose printer/scanner, and the ever-present internet router. Anticipate outlet space for multiple chargers and various devices. Most of these devices are essential for productivity and the frustration level will rise quickly if the circuit breaker that services your home office frequently trips. The sudden loss of power places stresses on the sensitive circuits of office equipment. Since both productivity and sensitive equipment demand a steady flow of electricity, let’s explore common reasons for circuit breaker trips.

Dedicated Computer Circuit: Circuit Breaker Basics

The utility grid brings electric power to your home through the service panel. When you open the door to the panel, you notice a bank of ON/OFF switches, commonly referred to as circuit breakers. Electric power travels through a circle or circuit; the breaker is a safety switch that closes to stop the flow in emergency situations. Each time the breaker trips, a potential disaster is averted. If a circuit breaker is tripping frequently, it represents a problem that needs to be addressed. Fortunately, the reasons for circuit breaker trips are well understood.

Ground faults are particularly dangerous around water, so you will notice special outlets in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and anywhere electricity might contact water. These special outlets are called ground fault circuit interrupters. GFCI outlets break the electric circuit at the source of the ground fault and do it much quicker than the circuit breaker can.

Your home office may need a dedicated circuit to ensure adequate power is available for the additional equipment. Finding the source of a short circuit or ground fault will take a little research, and some trial and error. It’s best to use a qualified electrician, like the pros at Air Pro Houston to do this, as they can more effectively isolate and identify any sources for faults, or issues that need to be replaced or repaired to set up a dedicated computer circuit.

Need a Dedicated Computer Circuit?

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