Determining Commercial Air Conditioning Costs

Commercial Air Conditioning What You Need To Know About Costs

Sometimes the internet can be so helpful and sometimes it can be a royal pain. It is excellent for purchasing commodity items with set prices and known shipping costs. It is not very helpful when you research large ticket items or services; there are so many variables that affect the price, and no one will make an estimate on a project “sight unseen.”

If you are planning Commercial Air Conditioning replacement for your building, you need to budget figures for planning purposes that come close to reality. Good luck wading through complicated square footage calculation x a dollar amount that ranges from $3/sf to $35/SF. That much variation is not helpful at all!

We are going to give you two simple calculations and a simple list of variables. We figure that if you manage a commercial property, you will be able to take limited information, complete some research, and make a projection for the budget. So, let’s dive in.

Two Simple Commercial Air Conditioning Calculations

At least you have a base model to determine to price. But you are not finished quite yet.

Simple Variable

Tonnage is a starting point, but there are some variables that will affect the price. Variables may have a positive or a negative impact on your installation cost and operation cost.

Building Type

Several things about your building will impact the cost of installing new AC. Are you trying to cool a single-story strip center or a five-story office building, needing a crane to lift heavy equipment? Are you cooling a gym, with 12-foot ceilings, filled with people and machines generating a lot of heat, or an office farm with 8-foot ceilings with people doing rather sedentary work? The more complicated the installation, the higher the cost.

Types of Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

Various building types and business applications will require different types of AC systems. Here is a list of common AC applications.

This is a simple list—there are many more system types. Since you know your building well, this gives you a better idea of the major type of system you will need.

Added Commercial Air Conditioning Features

So far, you have been looking at “base models,” but your long-term goals might require some feature upgrades. While doing research, watch for the cost of a few upgrades to help with budgeting.

A few other variables will come out in your research, such as brand differentials and local labor costs, but normal research will uncover these indicators. This article did not declare a cost for your system; that was not the goal. We hope this gives you enough information to help you research the cost of replacing your Commercial Air Conditioning for budgetary purposes and to give you a starting point to begin shopping for the best contractor to install your new system.

Have Questions About Commercial Air Conditioning?

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Determining Commercial Air Conditioning Costs

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