Duct Cleaning & Sealing Saves You Energy, Money, and Improves Indoor Air Quality

Quality Duct Cleaning & Sealing Reduce Energy Consumption and Reduces Airborne Contaminants

According to the U.S. Department of Energy and the Electric Power Research Institute, up to 40% of cooling and heating did by air conditioning systems is lost due to improperly sealed ductwork.

Nationwide, this wasted energy equates to the same energy burned by 13 million automobiles per year.

Duct cleaning which also known as ductwork cleaning, vent cleaning, air duct cleaning, HVAC system cleaning, heating duct cleaning, and even the proverbial “duck” work cleaning refers to the removal of contaminants and other pollutants that build up over the course of time inside your HVAC system.

Ductwork Cleaning – Why is it important?

Ducts are the indoor air quality system for your home. They protect your family’s air quality as well. Annually, your home produces up to 40 pounds of dust and debris.

Pollutants like dirt, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, chemical smells, bacteria, and viruses are among the contaminants that linger in your home’s HVAC system.

Having your ductwork cleaned regularly will greatly reduce the number of pollutants that are circulating within your HVAC system. These contaminants can cause severe chronic respiratory.

How Do We Clean Your Ductwork?

Step 1 Home Inspection

The first step in cleaning your ductwork is to conduct a thorough HVAC system inspection. Our highly trained, NATE certified technicians will inspect all supply and return vents to ensure they are sealed.

Step 2 HEPA Vacuum

Our truck-mounted HEPA filtrated vacuum is used to put your HVAC system under negative pressure.

Step 3 Bruch Cleaning

We have a rotary brush and air whip system that we insert into your ductwork to loosen any debris and build-up. The debris is then removed and placed in the truck’s containment unit.

Step 4 Final Cleaning

We do a final cleaning of all main ductwork lines for both supply and returns.

Step 5 Furnace Cleaning

The HVAC system interior is thoroughly cleaned using compressed air, air whip systems and vacuum unit.

Step 6 Closing Access Points

All access points are patched and your HVAC system goes through final quality inspection to ensure proper function.

Quality Duct Cleaning & Sealing Reduce Energy Consumption and Reduces Airborne Contaminants

We are here to clean your HVAC ductwork!

AirPro Houston has been servicing the Houston Metro Area for over four decades. Our growing company is a group of highly experienced technicians who care about excellence. We use the most high-end equipment on the market to make sure you’re satisfied.

Duct Cleaning by Air Pro Houston

Duct Cleaning by Air Pro Houston

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