Ductless AC For Homeowners

Ductless AC System Basics

Since the late ‘60s, most homes in the U.S. have been fitted with central heating and air conditioning systems. They retain their popularity, with more than 80% of homes using central heat and/or air conditioning. However, the HVAC market has been changing a little in the last few years.

Almost 40 years ago, Japanese engineers used heat pump technology and developed compact air conditioning systems that do not require ductwork. The applications became very popular across Europe and Asia and are growing in popularity now in the U.S. Ductless AC systems rely upon heat pump technology but do not require a network of ducts to circulate conditioned air.

Heat pump systems are very efficient at heating and cooling–efficient until the temperature becomes extremely cold. However, heat pump technology is advancing, and low ambient mini-split systems can function at 100% efficiency to 00 F. This makes mini-split systems a viable option for homes throughout the U.S.1

How Do Ductless AC Systems Work?

Heat pumps use basic gas chemistry: compressing gas will raise the temperature of the gas and suddenly releasing the pressure results in rapid, dramatic cooling. While the gas is in a closed system of copper, air moving across the tubes collects the cold and releases its heat into the gas.

Central air conditioners and hybrid furnace systems use the same technology, but the cold/heat transfer takes place inside. A blower motor pushes the conditioned air throughout the house via ducts. Strategically placed return ducts bring the air back to the central unit to completely circulate the air.

Mini-split systems complete the cold/heat transfer in small, wall air handler units, one installed in each room. A small blower motor moves the air across the tubes and circulates the conditioned air within the room. One outdoor condenser unit services as many as six-room units; they are connected by copper tubes that move the refrigerant gas as needed.

Advantages of Ductless AC Systems

Zoned temperature control distributes conditioned air to the desired spaces so evenly, it conserves energy compared to central HVAC systems.

Questions About Ductless AC Systems?

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Ductless AC For Homeowners

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