Ductless AC System and Ductless AC Installation FAQs

Ductless AC System and Ductless HVAC Installation FAQs

Ductless HVAC units, ductless mini-splits, ductless HVAC – this new heating and cooling option is quickly becoming an extremely popular solution for year-round, personalized comfort. Ductless AC systems are energy-efficient and cost-effective, but many homeowners do not know much about the technology.

We have developed a quick guide to answer the most asked questions about ductless AC systems. Here is a list of frequently asked questions that may help you decide if “going ductless” with a ductless AC unit is right for you and your home.

Ductless AC Unit FAQs

What is a ductless HVAC unit?

There are several names for ductless AC units. They are also called ductless mini-split, mini-split, ductless mini-split heat pumps, ductless air conditioning system, or a ductless mini-split. Ductless AC systems are composed of an outdoor heat pump and an indoor air-handling unit that can be mounted in the ceiling or on the wall. A ductless AC system works the same as a traditional HVAC system without the need for ductwork. Each zone you want to heat or cool is equipped with an air handler to control the temperature in that living space.

How are ductless HVAC system components connected?

A line set connects the outdoor air handler to the indoor air handling unit. Electrical wiring and copper lines connect the two. Line set aesthetics are available to blend these components into existing structures.

Are ductless AC components new to the market?

The first ductless AC systems were introduced in the 1970s. Ductless HVAC units are widely used throughout Asia and Europe. The older buildings in these areas of the world allow heating and cooling to be added without major reconstruction. In the United States, ductless AC systems have been used for the last 20 years.

How efficient are ductless AC units compared to traditional AC systems?

Traditional ductwork systems lose up to 30% of their energy in the cooling process. Eliminating ducts can retain that 30% energy loss immediately. In addition to the ductwork energy gains, ductless AC units use high-efficiency electrical components to conserve additional energy.

How long do ductless AC units last?

Ductless AC System and Ductless AC Installation FAQsWith proper maintenance, your ductless air conditioning system can last up to 20 years. The lifespan is directly affected by the use and maintenance. If proper maintenance is conducted, you should have a long-lasting ductless air conditioning system.

How do you control a ductless AC system?

Each ductless HVAC system has a control panel on the air handler that allows you to adjust temperatures and settings. Most ductless units also have a remote control to adjust settings remotely. A ductless air conditioning system does not use a thermostat to control the temperature.

Are ductless HVAC units loud?

Compared to a traditional central HVAC system, ductless AC units are relatively quiet. There is less air noise throughout the house since there is not any ductwork.

What are the costs of ductless AC units?

The costs for ductless air conditioning unit installation will vary widely depending on the configuration, the number of zones it will need to heat and cool, as well as the number of units, and the components that are installed.

What are the advantages of a ductless HVAC system over a traditional HVAC system?

Ductless AC System and Ductless AC Installation FAQsDuctless air conditioning units can be zoned to design comfort zones throughout the home. Traditional HVAC systems require additional zoning systems to deliver individually controlled heating and cooling areas of your home.

The name refers to one of the biggest advantages, ductless HVAC. Ductwork is not required which makes this system great for existing homes, home additions, or major renovations. These systems are also a great solution for homes where heating and cooling components need to be installed but the available space is limited.

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