Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioners Best Uses

Top Situation When Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioners Are a Great Option

Each home is unique; even identical homes built by the same firm in the same subdivision will be slightly different. If your unique home has heating or cooling problems that the existing HVAC system does not improve, a mini-split ductless system might provide the solution you seek.

A central heating and air conditioning (HVAC) system transports conditioned air from a cabinet to distant spaces via a network of sheet metal ducts. It is a very efficient method of making a home comfortable, but remember, each home is unique, so it might not meet every need.

A mini-split ductless consists of two major components: an outdoor compressor/condenser unit and various room-sized air-handler units. The refrigerant gas—responsible for heating and cooling—is transported on the exterior of the home to the air-handlers. No ducts, so no wall demolition. No interior cabinet is necessary. Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioners provide heating and cooling solutions for some unique, problematic realities.

Older Homes

Many homes built before the 1960s were constructed without central, ducted heating and air conditioning systems. In some settings, attics or basements can be used for ducted systems. But when these are not viable options, a mini-split system might avoid major demolish and remodeling.

New Spaces

Each central heating and cooling system is sized to meet the needs of the existing spaces when the system is installed. Adding new space to existing space affects the performance of the system and the comfort of the whole house. Adding ductwork to the new space might not yield the desired results for the new or existing space. Adding a small mini-split system might be a viable option.

This includes adding a separate living space, such as a studio apartment, which can benefit from this technology. The small, separate living space should have comfort controls that are separated from the rest of the home.

Troublesome Spaces

Often, a room at the end of a long duct run receives inadequate conditioned air; it is usually the coldest AND hottest room in the house, depending on the season. Mini-split systems can improve comfort in these uncomfortable spaces.

An often-overlooked function of HVAC systems is removing moisture from indoor air during hot, humid summer days. There are some spaces, such as basements, that are uncomfortably humid, that can benefit from a mini-split system.

Preference Zoning

Families are made up of individuals, and sometimes the comfort preferences of individuals are very diverse. Bodies “feel” 720 differently. Seventy-two degrees feels different in the summer than it does in the winter. Some like to sleep in a cold room, and others like to sleep toasty warm. A mini-split system allows zoned control: each zone has a thermostat, providing individual comfort control.

This technology has great potential to solve difficult heating and cooling problems, especially problems that cannot be solved by central air, or ducted systems. They can be installed for new construction, during remodeling, or room addition projects. They can be installed as a replacement for ducted systems at the end of a central air lifespan.

Maintenance on mini-split systems is about the same as for central systems. Each air-handler unit will have an air filter that will need to be cleaned or replaced regularly—about every three months. The whole system needs a thorough cleaning and inspection annually.

Are Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioners Right for Your Home?

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