Ductwork Cleaning: How to Keep Allergens at Bay

Ductwork Cleaning and Its Effect on Allergens

We are surrounded by airborne particles that are too small to see. Many of these small particles irritate the respiratory system, from nose to lungs, causing itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing, and coughing. How serious is this problem? Fifty million Americans suffer from allergies1 and twenty-five million Americans suffer from asthma2. Most of these particles originate outdoors but find a way into our homes. Once inside, they accumulate to produce poor indoor air quality, since we close windows and doors to keep extreme temperatures outside. Reduced ventilation produces air 2 to 5 more polluted than outdoor air.

Most Common Allergens

These common allergens come into our homes every time a window or door opens. They rest on our skin, our clothes, and our shoes. Once inside, the heating/cooling cycles of the HVAC system distribute them to every space, and they fall onto every surface. There really is no way to keep them outside.

Ductwork Cleaning Reduces and Removes Allergens 

If being outdoors caused allergic reactions, being indoors is potentially worse. Here are some common ways that we clean up our indoor air.

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Ductwork Cleaning

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