Electrical Cords: Do Not Make Good Chew Toys for Pets

If you have invited a dog or cat into your home, you have probably experienced them chewing on things you wish they had not—your favorite shoes, furniture, or the door frame. Most take such behavior in stride as a normal part of pet ownership, but when a pet chews on electrical cords it is a safety hazard and the results can be disastrous.

Why Do Pets Chew on Things?

Animals chew on objects for several reasons.

Electrical Cords Are Dangerous Chew Toys!

If a pet chews on electrical cords, the consequences can be disastrous.

Pets chewing on electrical cords can be an accident in the making, but how can you stop this behavior?

Physical Deterrents to Chewing

An obvious way to keep pets from chewing on electrical cords is to separate the cords and the pet as much as possible.

Other Deterrents to Chewing

Okay, you minimized your pet’s exposure to electrical cords, but you still have electrical cords within reach of your pets. What else can you do?

If the problem persists, install GFCI outlets in areas where pets chew electrical cords. It will not save the cord, but it will protect your pet and others from harm.

Have Your Pets Made Chew Toys of Your Electrical Cords?

Damaged electrical cords are a big fire hazard that can lead to costly damage from a house fire.

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