Electrical Panel Upgrade

Electrical Panel Upgrade Tips for Homeowners

Having a do-it-yourself attitude about home improvements is generally considered a good thing. Large box stores provide most of the material needed, and plenty of video helpers provide detailed instructions for newbies. Changing a face plate, switch, or outlet with the proper technique might be accomplished by the inexperienced homeowner. However, some projects are dangerous and complex, requiring specialized training and equipment. Replacing a residential electric service panel is an example.

The electric aisle at the local box store can be quite confusing without a basic understanding of electrical acronyms. For example, amperes, volts, and watts are all measurements of various aspects of electricity.

These three measurements are used to distribute electricity throughout the home in proper quantities/qualities to the appropriate outlets.

Reasons for an Electrical Panel Upgrade

Many residential installations will upgrade the available electric service to 200 amps to ensure adequate power for future needs.

Code Changes

The newest electric code requires a couple of additional safety features for new service installations; implementation of these changes happens gradually, so ask your electrical contractor about these upgrades.

The time required for a trained professional electrician to remove the old service panel and install a new service panel is approximately one workday. Expect the power to be interrupted during the entire project. The work will need to be inspected by the local building code enforcement agency, so this might require access on a second day. Other variables that might increase the length of installation time include.

Considering an Electrical Panel Upgrade? We can help!

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