Electrical Repair: Replacing a Faulty Switch

Electrical Repair 77086: Steps to Replace a Faulty Electrical Switch

There is a tremendous difference of opinion concerning who should complete the installation of residential electrical outlets, switches, Electrical Repair 77086, and simple device installation.

The do-it-yourself electrical repair 77086 enthusiasts compare electrical tasks to plumbing tasks; a mistake might create a mess, but if corrected quickly, there is no harm done. Electricians remind homeowners that a mistake with electricity can be costly, painful, or deadly. Here are a few more reasons to call an electrician for installations and Electrical Repair 77086.

  1. The Reasons for Building Codes. Electricians thoroughly study the compendium of standards for electrical installations and refer to them frequently. Building codes are built on experience, using better materials and proven methods as they develop to reduce the potential for damage and harm. Unfortunately, mistakes have been made in the past, which caused harm; building codes avoid making harmful mistakes.

These codes are applied to EVERY home in the neighborhood, so an electrician knows what to expect in every home. This keeps the electrician safe. These codes ensure that every home in a community is as safe as possible, therefore, keeping whole communities safe.

  1. Tools and Equipment Require Training. The right tool for the right job makes difficult tasks much easier; electrical wiring requires specialized tools. All the multi-meters, circuit testers, and probes professional electricians use are also available to do-it-yourself-minded homeowners. However, the proper use of this equipment requires training and on-the-job experience which are an essential part of training for electricians.
  2. Identifying Differences. Most homeowners cannot take the faceplate off a switch and tell the difference between a two and three-way switch. Walking down the electrical parts aisle usually takes some internet research and careful investigation to ensure the correct components are secured. This is not the case for trained electricians.
  3. Identifying Hazards. Older homes may still contain hazardous materials that need to be handled professionally; lead paint, rock wool, and asbestos are significant examples. Mishandling these materials can lead to health hazards in the home that are difficult to mitigate after the fact. Electricians are trained to identify the hazard and take steps to handle the material properly.
  4. Reducing Liability. First, electrical work is regulated by state and local agencies; only licensed electricians can perform this type of work. Second, work done by well-meaning do-it-yourself workers may cause problems that lead to insurance or legal issues. Third, licensed electricians often find themselves repairing the mistakes of unlicensed electricians, an additional cost the homeowner was not expecting.

Call the Electrical Repair Experts for Replacing Faulty Outlets

With our four decades of experience in Electrical Repair 77086, AirPro Houston provides you with the skill and expertise to help replace any faulty outlets or switches in your home.

We have financing options available with great options with up to 72-month terms with approved credit. Call our team of Electricians at  281-880-8805 and let us partner with you for all of your Electrical Repair 77086, electrical safety, whole home generator installation, and electrical installation needs.

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