Electrical Repairs Common to Older Homes

Common Electrical Repairs for Aging Homes

If you are a vintage home enthusiast or find yourself trying to update an older home, an obvious challenge will be outdated building systems. Particularly troublesome is the original electrical wiring. It is hard to believe, but when it was installed, it was state-of-the-art technology. But technology changes over time, and that is certainly true with wiring. Safer products have become standard for modern construction, and society has benefited from the changes.

Whether you are trying to restore a vintage home—keeping the original character, or you are trying to update a vintage home to meet present needs, you are likely to experience some struggles with outdated electrical wiring. Here are some of the most common Electrical Repairs you will encounter:

Electrical Repairs: Outdated Wiring

The current standard of residential wiring uses three conductor copper wiring, with two hot wires and one neutral or ground wire, with multiple layers of plastic insulative coating. However, this technology became standard in the late 1970s: homes built before that time used an older technology.

Rewiring without opening every wall takes skill. Seek an experienced electrician for the best results.

Electrical Repairs: Undersized Service Panel

The electric service panel receives electricity from the public utility, splits the current into separate circuits, and transports the current around the home. Since electricity had limited applications in earlier times, the amount of current brought into the original service panel of vintage homes was much smaller.

Do not be surprised to learn that 100-amp/220-volt service is inadequate for your family’s needs.

Electrical Repairs: Faulty Connections

Whether because of substandard wiring, poor installation, or inferior repairs, electrical connections can be faulty and dangerous.

These are fire hazards and indicate faulty connections that need to be repaired by a licensed electrician.

Electrical Repairs: Outdated Fixtures

If you intend to keep the architectural distinctiveness of a vintage home but are concerned about vintage light fixtures, the fixtures can be rewired to meet modern standards.

To explore your options further, request an inspection by an experienced, licensed electrician.

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