Electrical Safety in Your Bathroom

3 Tips to Promote Electrical Safety in Your Bathroom

Water is called “the Universal Solvent” because it dissolves more substances than any other liquid; water dissolves gases in the atmosphere, so even rainwater is not “pure water.” The water from the sink, shower, and toilet is a solution and therefore conducts water VERY well. When you understand that your body is also approximately 70% a solution of water and other chemicals, you understand the danger your family faces with electricity in your bathrooms.

Clean water is essential to human health and hygiene. While keeping clean we add chemicals like soap and shampoo, making water a very good conductor. Electricity makes the bathroom very convenient—illuminating hygiene regimens and keeping you warm. Some common bathroom appliances, such as space heaters and hair dryers, carry a lot of currents, the dangerous part of electricity. Wow!

Electric shock is serious, causing burns, interruption of nerve and heart signals, and sometimes leads to death. Since water and electricity are in close proximity to your bathroom, here are some tips to help protect your family and guests.

Electrical Safety in Your Bathroom: Wiring

Electrical Safety in Your Bathroom: Switches

Electrical Safety in Your Bathroom: Outlets

Hire a licensed electrical professional for electrical installations or renovations in your bathrooms. This gives you the assurance the end results will be a safe setting when water and electricity are in close contact.

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Electrical Safety in Your Bathroom

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