Electrical Safety: Preparation for Winter Storms

Electrical Safety: Staying Safe During Winter Storms 

Extreme weather events and natural disasters are common enough, and homeowners are being increasingly challenged to prepare for the next potential events. If you are considering your emergency preparedness plans, consider these electrical safety plan details.

Gather Needed Electrical Safety Supplies

Consider A Whole-house Surge Protector

Many weather events include lightning and wind, resulting in massive power surges that can enter a residence, damaging wiring and appliances. A surge protector is a breaker between the power grid and the electric service panel, breaking the power circuit in the event of a power surge.

Explore a Whole-House Generator

Severe weather events often knock out the power grid for several days. A whole-house generator will generate sufficient electricity to power essential circuits and keep your family safe and secure. A generator will take significant planning ahead of the need.

A whole-house generator will start automatically when the power grid is interrupted and shut off when power is restored. If the building envelope remains intact, household activities can continue to function as normal. This increases the likelihood of safety, health, and comfort for the entire family. Communication may depend on the survival of the communication towers in the vicinity.

Electrical Safety – Stay Safe During Winter Storms

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Electrical Safety: Preparation for Winter Storms

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