5 Ways to Keep an Energy-Efficient Commercial HVAC

Energy-Efficient Commercial HVAC Tips

As summer approaches, the cooling season begins in earnest and commercial properties will rely heavily upon air conditioner systems. The efficiency of each commercial system will determine the cost. Without proper consideration and maintenance, count on the cost of air conditioning increases each year. According to the National Grid, keeping commercial property comfortable and ready for occupancy represents between 54 and 71% of the energy bill, depending upon the region.1  That is a significant amount to find cost savings. Here are a few considerations to improve efficiency and save money.

  1. Conduct an Energy Audit. A professional inspection of your commercial property and all its systems can reveal deficits that can impact the bottom line. This thorough examination will explore openings–such as windows and doors—as well as insulation and building materials. Every part of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system will be scrutinized and examined to determine the state of the current system. Expect recommendations for repairs or replacement as needed.

Make sure to include staff in the conversation about HVAC efficiency. They are likely to be aware of practices and routines that affect cooling efficiency.

  1. Complete Audit Recommendations. Beyond the equipment recommendations, consider suggestions concerning insulation and ductwork repairs. These repairs prevent the leakage of the expensive conditioned air into the summer heat. The results will be evident every month when the utility bill arrives. The audit may reveal the need to add weather-stripping material around windows and doors. The audit might also recommend adding insulation to prevent heat exchange through floors, ceilings, and walls.
  2. Change Air Filters Regularly. Determine the guidelines for filter replacement for your systems and make sure to follow them. Clean air filters improve indoor air quality, improve energy efficiency, and ensure the system functions as long as possible. Replacement can be completed by a staff representative or an HVAC technician, but for the best results, don’t neglect this step.
  3. Upgrade the Thermostat. A sure recipe for high utility bills is putting the temperature setting in the hands of multiple people. The alternative is to install programmable thermostats and place the temperature control on a schedule. A programmed schedule keeps everyone within a range of comfort that everyone can live with. A steady temperature saves energy and therefore saves money. When the building empties for the night or on weekends, program a warmer temperature to save even more energy.
  4. Regular Maintenance. Mechanical systems require maintenance to function properly, and HVAC systems are no different. Major components are controlled by a series of sensors, switches, and controls. Frequently engaging these control modules leads to wear over time. A worn module creates stress on other, larger components (read expensive components). Scheduling an annual inspection and cleaning of the entire system reveals the stress modules, allowing replacement before larger problems develop. Regular maintenance will also reveal critical indicators concerning the need to replace components or entire systems. This provides time to budget for and schedule repairs, avoiding inconvenient emergency situations.

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Energy-Efficient Commercial HVAC

1  https://www9.nationalgridus.com/non_html/shared_energyeff_office.pdf

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