EV Charger Installation: Tethered vs Untethered EV Charger

EV Charger Installation: Tethered vs Untethered EV Charger Pros and Cons

The purchase of an electric vehicle includes decisions concerning charging your car; while an electric vehicle will save you money for years to come, keeping it charged regularly is essential for efficient use. You will become very familiar with every charging option available in your area, especially the rapid charging options. The type 1 charging option is much too slow for most drivers—up to 24 hours for a complete charge. However, a Type 2 home charger provides a much faster charge and will probably be a part of your charging solutions.

Type 2 home chargers also come with options—tethered and untethered. The basics are the same for both types of chargers. The charger connects directly to your home’s electrical supply, with a delivery outlet attached to the wall of your garage. What is the difference between a tethered and an untethered charger?

Tethered EV Charger Installation

A tethered charger delivery system extends a cord from the wall outlet to your vehicle, which can be both desirable and problematic.

However, it is not always the best option.

Untethered EV Charger Installation

An untethered charger delivery system also connects to your home’s electrical supply, with an outlet in the garage. The flush-mounted socket stops at the wall and the tether detaches from the wall when not being used. This could be a good EV home charging option when you desire:

However, it is not always the best option.

Choosing an EV vehicle is a major decision; after you decide on the make/model, you will learn to implement the technology successfully into your day-to-day driving habits. Having a choice for your type of EV charger will help determine how you will use the charger, and how successful the experience of owning an electric vehicle is for you.

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EV Charger Installation


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