Tips to Finding the Right Residential Electrical Contractor

Finding a Residential Electrical Contractor

If you own a home in Texas, one of those key contractor contacts you need is a good licensed electrician; few untrained folks are willing to take on serious electrical projects—and for good reason. These guys can come in handy in a pinch:

General contractors have a short list of preferred electrical contractors; wise homeowners should also develop a list.

Residential Electrical Contractor Credentials

There was a time when an electrician’s qualification was based on years of experience and a word-of-mouth referral. When the electrical trade became more complex, so did the qualifying credentials for electricians. Residential electricians are “wiremen,” as opposed to ‘linesmen,” who handle high-voltage distribution lines. The terminology of electrician licensing includes:

Licensing informs consumers of the training and capabilities of electricians to help them make better hiring decisions.

Insurance and bonding are necessary safeguards to protect both the consumer and the contracting company. Insist on this safeguard.


Some contracting companies have a specialty approach and advertise to a narrow market of consumers that “need” that specialty. Some contractors focus on new construction or seek smaller “handyman” type projects. Other contractors like a variety and are prepared for a wide range of projects. Look for indicators of specialty preferences in advertisements.

Look for a Quality Residential Electrical Contractor

If you are looking to develop a relationship based on trust, call an electrical contractor and asked to visit an existing project. If you can allow some time to make arrangements, many electricians will give a brief tour of an existing job site. What should you look for? Look for orderly work with uniform cuts and joints.

A finished electrical panel will demonstrate organized work and uniform cuts; wires should not cross and appear jumbled. One finished outlet or switch should look just like another outlet or switch. Faceplates should be plumb and level.

This site visit will demonstrate further quality—is the electrician easy to talk to and work with? This could be the person that arrives at your home to handle an electrical emergency or work on a project around your family. This person will communicate with you about the project and the results. Credentials AND professional mannerisms would be ideal.

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