Furnace Maintenance: Efficiently Heating an Older Home

Furnace Maintenance: How-to Tips to Heat Older Homes

As your home ages, or if you purchase a home that is a few decades old, it is important to understand how to heat and cool your home efficiently. Established neighborhoods provide a lot of character and unique design but can also present heating and cooling challenges.

This is especially true if your home was built before central air and heating were common installations for new home construction.

At AirPro, we love tackling heating challenges and view them as opportunities to showcase our heating system configuration experience. Our team can work on all types of heating systems, electric furnaces, gas furnaces, boiler heaters, mini-split ductless systems, propane gas furnaces, and heat pumps.

There is not a home furnace maintenance issue that we cannot handle.

Furnace Maintenance: Retrofitting Central Air

If your home was built before central air became the standard installation for HVAC, you might want to install a modern furnace and air conditioning system. This option will be dependent on the construction of the home and if it has adequate space to install the system’s components and ductwork.

Installing a central air system in an existing home can be expensive, so discuss this further with one of our technicians to see if this is an option for your home.

Furnace Maintenance: Ductless Wall Mounted Heating Systems

Ductless mini-split systems are a great solution for adding heating and cooling to an older home. Ductless mini-split systems are able to be installed in homes where there is not adequate room for ductwork in attic spaces or beneath the floor.

These systems are energy-efficient, quiet, and affordable. A ductless mini-split heating/cooling system provides zone heating and cooling as well as improved indoor air quality.

Ductless units can be connected in tandem to eliminate hot/cool spots. These systems are also remote controlled which provides the freedom to adjust the settings and temperature from a distance. Many of the newer models are WI-FI enabled and can be controlled remotely.

Furnace Maintenance: Radiators and Boilers

Some older homes use boilers and heat pumps for heating. Boilers or radiators use water or oil that is heated, circulated into the radiators, and the heat radiates throughout the room for heat. This system creates hot spots and cold spots throughout your home. Each room has its own radiator and they can be individually adjusted.

Boilers can also circulate heated water through a system of pipes located under the floor. These sub-floor pipes do not require wall space for radiators, vents, or ductless systems. This system is great especially if you are installing new flooring.

If you have radiators or boilers, a simple solution may be a thorough maintenance visit from one of our technicians. Another option is replacing the existing components with newer equipment that will outperform older equipment.

Trust Your Furnace Maintenance to the Experts at AirPro

AirPro provides furnace maintenance, HVAC repairs, and installations of all types. Our NATE™ certified HVAC technicians provide comprehensive inspections of your home’s furnace and air conditioning equipment to determine if maintenance, repair, or replacement is your home’s best option.

Furnace Maintenance: Efficiently Heating an Older Home

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