EV Charger Installation: How to Prepare Your Garage

Preparing Your Garage for EV Charger Installation

Have you noticed that almost every automobile manufacturer is now producing electric-powered vehicles (EVs)? Battery technology is improving, which brings the purchase cost down. As the purchase price enters the range of more car buyers, the benefits of EVs become more evident.

Drivers are beginning to consider EVs a viable option.

If you are considering an EV, charging the batteries should be a part of the discussion. Currently, there are three levels of charging available for most brands of EVs. All these times are based upon a complete charge, from empty to full charge.

Preparing Your Garage for Level 2 EV Charger Installation

Consider insulating the garage. EV batteries come with an 8-year or 100,000-mile warranty (become very familiar with warranty details). With current technology, EV batteries are lasting between 10 and 20 years. A known factor that affects EV battery life in extreme temperatures. It is not necessary to make your garage heated/air-conditioned space but shielding the EV from extreme temperatures is a benefit.3 Secure your garage. This protects both the vehicle(s) and the charging station.

The EV Charger Installation in a residence is not a normal do-it-yourself project. Installing an electrical outlet, especially a 240v outlet, should be left to a professional. The project often requires local permits and inspections. An electrician, experienced with EV charger installation will help you determine an advantageous placement for the charging station.

Have Questions About EV Charger Installation?

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EV Charger Installation

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