Generator Transfer Switch Installation

What are Portable Generator Transfer Switches

Eighty percent of power outages are weather-related—ice, high wind, and lightning account for most outage events that affect 50,000 people or more. That means that Texas is always moving from one season of power outage threat to the next.

Losing power due to hurricanes winds is the largest power outage threat on the calendar. While an hour-long power outage might be inconvenient, losing power for days or weeks adds a whole other degree of difficulty to urban living.

Power outages can lead to more than the inconvenience of spoiled food. For this reason, many Texans are planning ahead by installing portable generators; since the winter of 2021, generator sales are up significantly. Homeowners have many choices of brands, fuel types, and sizes of generators readily available.

A generator can power key appliances with a series of long extension cords, or it can be connected directly to the electric service panel to power the HVAC system and necessary lights. However, if you plan to connect your fuel-powered generator to the service panel, you will need to also install a safety feature—a generator transfer switch.

Why Do You Need a Generator Transfer Switch?

How Does It Work?

If you are looking for an alternate power solution for your home or office when the grid goes down, consider a standby generator. Unlike portable generators that require manual steps to supply power to your home or office, a standby generator can handle the switch in power supplies for you automatically.

Air Pro’s Master Electrician can set up a standby generator that is properly sized to power your home or office. Standby whole home generators will automatically activate and safely provide seamless power to your home or office, ensuring the appliances and devices that you depend on can continue to function and make life a little more comfortable.

Interested in a Generator Transfer Switch Installation Before Hurricane Season?

Our four decades of experience as a Houston Electrician and contractor AirPro Houston provides you with the skill and expertise to help with Generator Transfer Switch Installation in your home and business.

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Generator Transfer Switch Installation

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